The World Is My Home

QuestandMark is a Qatar based family blog and a curation of my travel and dining experiences around the globe. I am a nomad mommy on a quest, marking the map in the company of my little toddler and flying Dutchie.  You will find most of my posts to be both kid & parent friendly.

So whats on the blog?

A ton of material on the best modest dining hotspots, recipes, travel guides & stay recommendations around the world. The blog is here to help you dream, plot, plan, pack, and build an appetite before your next sweet great escape. If you’re a natural vagabond, a chic gypsy, a hungry traveler or a defying drifter looking for the where, when and how of travel & food then this blog is just for you.

If you’re a mommy scared to explore the world with your kids for whatever reasons… you’ll find some inspirational post to dig out your wild side and go on that adventure you’ve been dreaming about.


Join the Quest and Mark your map!




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