That Pinterest Wedding

Just as for most people summer for us too has always been about travel and exploring new parts of the world. This year however we chose to split our vacation time between our home countries, Holland and India. As parents of a 2 under two we very well know how little we would be able to see and experience a new country and so to be quite honest going back home was our best option. Another major factor for making this decision was that as expats we live away from families all round the year and as our girls grow up we want to give them as much family time as possible.Both Thijs and I  are firm believers that family is everything and hence giving the girls a sense of belonging and security is what we’ve committed ourselves to establish during the holidays.

No surprise then when we got invited to a family members wedding this summer we made sure to show up and be part of the couples big day. The wedding itself was straight out of Pinterest (here is a quick glance at our travel inspired wedding day) and looking back I couldn’t imagine having missed it.


The couple owns an Apple farm and so they thought what better place to make a lifetime commitment and say their I Do’s than at the Orchid itself.  Here’s a little glimpse of the special day that was absolutely picture perfect.


Now as ideal as this may all look I have to confess that I had to distract Amelie by taking her for a walk into the orchid just so wouldn’t didn’t disrupt the ceremony and Thijs had to make sure Alexie had her pacifier in coz she was very close to a letting out a hunger cry. Talk about timing right!


Anyway at least Amelie enjoyed picking apples with mama something I had intended to do with her anyway. How sweet is she in this cute tu tu skirt and top by @nextoffcial. Hat by The Childrens Place  and shoes by @mothercarethumb_IMG_20180706_132055_1024thumb_IMG_20180706_132026_1024

And this lil cutie is finally old enough to wear a dress 🙂 by @nextofficialthumb_IMG_20180706_124824_1024

Post the ceremony we finally got to chit chat with extended family and introduce them to the girls.


How bad ass does she look. thumb_IMG_20180706_134401_1024

Meeting second cousins for the very first time and making friends.thumb_IMG_20180706_134830_1024thumb_IMG_20180706_135346_1024

What a spectacular day overall. Something so very magical about weddings isn’t it. Makes me want to get married all over again.

I wanted to make sure i was comfortable to on the farm and so opted for this simple yet structured look. Dress & accesories @mango, Shoes @americaneagleae, bag @aldo

In this digital day and age lets pledge to get out of our nuclear families and comfort zones. Lets commit to spending more time with the ones we love and the ones that love them the most. After all life is not about that big moment you’ll be remembered for but for the little ones that help put a smile on someones face. Family truly is everything.

Wishing you all happy holidays from us.


Questandmark X

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