DIY – Creating a Workspace

As a working mum of a toddler and fresh out of the oven infant, time is of the greatest essence right now and yet so very scarce. Between nappy changes, feed times, sleep times and play time there’s always a ton of home chores to complete let alone the additional work of replying to queries & emails, scheduling workshops, invoicing and managing payment and finances. The joys of being an entrepreneur mom are abundant and I am honestly not complaining because I love it, it is what keeps me both sane and driven.

Long before my now 1 week baby had arrived I’d decided on giving myself a quite and creative space to blog and work. However in reality it wasn’t until a few weeks ago while we were planning and moving things around the house to accommodate another member that I actually got down to putting a workspace together.

There were a few key points I had in mind while working on this desk space and I’ve listed mine down for reference. I think its important to know what is it that you want to achieve so you can build around the framework.

  1. I wanted the space to represent the blog which means I needed to segregate it into TRAVEL / FOOD / FAMILY
  2. The desk is also majorly meant to be used to run my business @hobbyhouseqatar and hence it needed to represent some form of creativity and art.
  3. No clutter. With most of our home turned into mini play areas, this is one space I knew I wanted clean and sterile.
  4. The workspace needed to be transformed and upgraded easily and hence needed a free flow feel.
  5. I wanted to make sure some important and inspirational items were on display not just for show but to keep me motivated and focused.
  6. Maybe one of the most important point was the budget. I was working on a tight one and wanted to make sure I used as much of the tid bits of stationary and favourite items lying around the house before making any purchases.


What I used to put this together? 

  • Simple mesh bought in the souq waqif for 20 QAR a meter ( can be found in the back alley way of the pet souq)
  • Rope
  • Small wooden clips
  • Printed pictures wallet size
  • A handmade embroidery ring

With baby Alexie finally here its time to upgrade the space. Cant wait to have her pictures up on my wall and add another cutie to my sanctuary.


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