Celebrate & Treat yourself this Mothers Day

It was Arab Mothers day last week and having given birth to me first child in the desert I think that qualifies me to celebrate the day or the day to celebrate me 🙂  I also just  thought there was no better time for me to write about motherhood than now before I give birth to my second girl in a few days from now. I may be a fairly new mother of a year and half toddler and soon to be mum of a second baby girl but I already know well that I’ve only just begun my journey of great triumphs, trials, and tantrums. Motherhood surely is the most special status to be promoted to and before I became a mum all I wanted was to be one. Now that I am one, I think about the amount of time I would have on hand if I wasn’t one and all the things I could achieve with it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love being a mother but all I am saying is I now know and fully understand the meaning of my own mother’s resounding words saying to me every time I gave her a tough time – “Someday you will understand when you become a mother yourself”


All the tough times, the lessons we learn, the manners we adopt, the person we become prepares us for this great challenge and responsibility of raising a child. It may be the only job in the world where the cheque gets paid in tight hugs and kisses but god knows it is the most rewarding of them all.


It is on a day like Mothers day that we get presents, gifts, wishes, and cards in appreciation for the selfless work we do. All the love shown towards us is great and very uplifting but I think what’s most important is for us mums to remember that we take time to reward ourselves. We surely could all sneak in some me time daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, couldn’t we? And as we do this in our own way we must all make sure that we reflect on our own mental health and well-being and thus treat ourselves appropriately. In all our responsibities and duties we often forget to make ourselves a priority. But it is only a happy, sane mind and body that can give and love to its fullest potential.


This week following my mantra of self-love and in preparation of a new chapter I decided to gift myself a special Prenatal Massage at the at the Four Seasons Spa Doha. It is one of those things that should maybe be an absolute must do for all mothers to be as our bodies prepare to through one of the most trying times of nature and evolution.

The techniques and pressure used at this special therapy were gentle and yet relaxing. It also involved lots of pillows for optimum comfort and support. I was honestly left wanting to check in to that massage room for rest of the day just so I could catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation.


As a pregnant mother of a toddler on a mission to explore to world my mind and body is mostly exhausted by the end of each day. What this special treat did to me was recharge me for another new challenge to come, which may take all my strength and patience to live up to. It is however in these small tiny moments of self care and rewarding myself that I find the mindfulness to conquer motherhood and all of its joys.


Happy Mothers Day



Picture Credit – Carmen Maria @withalittlegracephotography 

Read this article on Qatar Tribune – http://www.qatar-tribune.com/news-details/id/118854

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