Mothers Day Staycation @ Four Seasons, Doha

It was Arab Mothers day last week and I thought there was really no better time for me to write a piece about motherhood than now. As a fairly new mother of a year and half toddler and soon to be mum of a second baby girl I know I’ve only just begun my journey of great triumphs, trials, and tantrums. Motherhood surely is the most special status to be promoted to and yet I wonder if I wasn’t one the amount of time I would have on hand and all the things I could achieve with it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love being a mother but I now know and fully understand the meaning of my own mother’s resounding words saying to me – “Someday when you become a mother yourself, you will understand ”


All the tough times, the lessons we learn, the manners we adopt, the person we become prepares us for this great challenge and responsibility of raising a child. It may be the only job in the world where the cheque gets paid in tight hugs and kisses but god knows it is the most rewarding of them all.

It is on a day like Mothers day that we get presents, gifts, wishes, and cards in appreciation for the selfless work we do. This mothers days I got treated with a luxurious family staycation simply cause third trimester of pregnancy will not let me go anywhere close to an airplane for the fear that I may just deliver at 40,000 feet. And yes although I really do miss traveling and being the nomad that I am, I think keeping ready to pop pregnant women away from the skies is a pretty intellegent international airline rule.


And so in celebration of Arab Mothers Day we checked into the Four Seasons Hotel Doha for some much needed family, rest and relaxation time. We were on schedule and got to our spacious ambassador suite right in time for Amélie’s afternoon nap but totally hadn’t taken into wee bit of consideration the excitement of her exploring a new territory including all the goodies that were laid out for her. Our staycation may have started with a bit of diva drama as It took me a good extra hour to get her down to sleep but what’s important is I made it right in time for a special something I was booked out to try on the property.

Dedicating this last month to my own wellbeing a special prenatal spa treatment was just the way I needed to kick off of our stay. This massage is one of those things that should maybe an absolute must do for all mothers to be as our bodies prepare to through one of the most trying times of nature and evolution.

A refreshing drink and a quick change into one of the most comfiest robes ever and I was was ready to be on DND for a while, ireful I had earned it! The Spa is simplistically done and has that welcoming feel to it. I was escorted to my private room that was set up to unwind. The perfect dimmed lighting, soft music and an incense that transported me to the tropics. The massage itself uses techniques and pressure that were gentle and yet relaxing. It also involved lots of pillows for optimum preggy comfort and support. Post massage I was honestly left wanting to check in to that massage room for rest of the day just so I could catch up on some much needed sleep.

That evening In true staycation style we felt at home when the Mr. had to leave for a night duty which meant early dinner and bed time just as we would have on a normal weekend.



The four seasons has some lovely dining options and being the end of the week the spirits were running high all through the hotel. We however choose to keep it quite and headed out early evening to Arabica Cafe and opted to sit outdoors to enjoy a pizza and the last bit of al fresco dining before summer officially hits.


The other dining options are:

Elements – 

Built around the four classical elements – earth, air, fire and water the restaurant offers a mix of Arabic, Asian, Indian and seafood flavours.  Breakfast buffet is served here daily and has a lovely spread that includes an asian station serving freshly steamed variety of  dumplings, a local favourite shakshouka and makanek  from the Arabian kitchen which I ate heaps of every morning. There are a few Indian options and of course the regulars like eggs, waffle and pancakes.


Il Teatro – 

Cooks up an Italian feast every night under the supervision of the very humble and talented Chef Marco. The restaurant boasts of home made pastas that are to die for and I totally vouch for them.

There’s Nobu of course that needs neither explanation nor introduction. A brief of Nobu brunch can be found here – nobu-doha-brunchnobu-doha-brunch

If you happen to spend a Thursday night at the hotel – The Barefoot Bbq is an absolute must. Great vibe and a unique relaxed one of a kind dining concept to unwind after a hard week at work. Full review can be found in this link. – barefoot-bbq-four-seasons-doha

Leisure & Recreation: 

Besides the spa of course the property is very well known for its leisure focused swimming pool and beach area. This section really does feel like a little oasis in the desert and trust me with the temperatures soaring high you won’t want to leave once you get here.



The beach though a small stretch is just perfect for tanning and a private fun time with the family. We did a little pregnancy photoshoot with Carmen Maria @withalittlegracephotography which was super fun.

Kids Club

The Four Seasons offers a one of a kind Kids Club which is a traditional looking tower that is 2 store high and has different sections depending on the age group.  It is every parents dream come true while on vacation. I’m personally always worried that Amélie misses all her toys when we travel and needs a space to explore and learn without breaking or damaging any one else’s property. The kids club provides the play & learning environment which is safe, quite, well equipped and fun. We spent hours at the kids club every morning after breakfast and Amélie sure did become good friends with the staff within that time. Kids under 4 need to be supervised by their parents however the ones older than 4 can be left in the care of the club staff . The ground is for infants and toddlers and also has a tv room for the old ones to watch movies while the 1st / 2nd floor is a gaming room for the older ones. The club conducts lots of activities for different ages and even some competitions / contests during busy months.


As we spent the weekend at the hotel which means there was no way we were going to dine anywhere else than one of the most extensive brunches this city has to offer. The Friday brunch at The Four Seasons goes above and beyond offering guest food choices from laid out at both restaurants and the cafe. If you skip your Friday morning workout session you won’t feel guilty as just walking around to take a look of whats on offer is quite the exercise in itself.


There’s nothing I can think of that wasn’t on offer and quite honestly i’d have to come back atleast 5 times to have done complete justice to even half of the food served. In spite of the quantity the quality of the food is great. Its one of those places that’s perfect for large  group dining as everyone and anyone will find the food of their choice and liking. My favourite would have to be the oyster station that’s set up very uniquely and the asian bbq section within elements.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The brunch has soon become very popular with families since Gymboree set up a lovely play area for the little ones on the lawn. Adjoining the play area is a special mini kids buffet area that serves hotdogs and candy floss to name a few. The set is so cute that most of the kids preferred eating outdoors in this fancy little booth. It is a wee bit too hot to be outdoors for too long never the less Amelie danced and played and had a blast which meant she slept brilliantly post lunch 🙂



Our days at the hotel involved lots of play and quality family time. There is nothing like being away from home for sometime so everyone just lets go of their usual routine. I for sure had a very relaxing time with Mr. Z making most of play time with his baby girl. Soon we’ll be four and the list of chores will double with never ending nappy changes, sleep routine and feed times. This little trip was just want a mama needed.


What this special treat did to me was recharge me for another new challenge to come, which may take all my strength and patience to live up to. It is however in these small tiny moments of pure happiness that I find the mindfulness to conquer motherhood and all of its joys.

If you have nothing planned for Spring or Easter break make sure to check Four Seasons’s special Family Package offer –

  • 50% off on Room Rate on a second room for children,
  • or 50% off every second night booked
  • Children’s welcome amenities

Happy Easter and Spring Break everyone. May you all have safe travels and lovely staycations.



QuestandMark Family of 4 🙂

Pictures by the talented – Carmen Grace@withalittlegracephotography

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