A day trip to QAWS, Qatar

If there’s one thing that could complete our family right now it would be the addition of a little fur baby.

Not particularly with that intention in mind though, last week we decided to spend some quality family time at Qatar Animal Welfare Society cause 1: It was Mr. Z’s last day of vacation and we wanted to spend it well 2: Amélie is a major woof woof fan (aka dog person) and 3: I have a new collaboration with the organisation for their upcoming Furball charity dinner that takes place on the 8th of March 2018.

2018 Fur Ball Poster (2)

Just to give you a little insight into the shelter i’ve listed out a few facts and things you could do to help the guys out at the QAWS. You know every little makes a difference and showing some love would really help those little and not little ones trapped in there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dog or cat person. There are enough of them to spend your time with.

The cats are separated in 3 parts depending on age and personality of course.

As for the dogs, they are kept in one big shaded and air conditioned ( during summers only) kennel. Sadly right this point in time there are a 120 of them that range in breed, size, colours and age.

Our hearts melted for a little guy called Sailor who was found on the shore. Ever since we layed eyes on him we’ve been contemplating bringing him home but sadly its the timing thats just not right with baby girl no. 2 who’s due in 2 months. I am pretty much going to have my hands full with a toddler and an infant so a fur baby would just not quite fit in right now. Anyway someday we do plan on having one and so I enquired of the process.

The adoption process we were told is relatively easy. You need to be able to fulfill certain criteria’s such as size of home, being physically able to walk a dog and long term plans of living in the country.

The cost of paper work and vaccinations for cats is QAR 450 & for dogs is QAR 950. Once all formalities are done they are yours to take home and make a loving member of the family.

If you’re in a situation like us and for whatever reason cannot adopt but still want to help then make sure to head down to the shelter over the weekends between 2:30 to 6:30 pm. There are 120 of them that need to be walked and fed. Yes on that note please try and take some pedigree along as these cuties are quite hungry all the time and QAWS could do with some supplies.


You can also expect to see a few monkeys, 2 donkeys, a goat and a bull named Ella who was born in Qatar.


This is the perfect place for kids too. Its fun and educational and makes for a great family day out. The animals are all friendly and all in dire need of love and care.

How to get there? 

The drive to get to QAWS is a bit long as the shelter is currently located in Mukaynis, which is passed Aqua Park.  This trip is great for a little weekend adventure trip. To make things easy follow these directions. Like I said, the shelter is away so don’t give up, follow these directions and keep driving. I promise you’ll get there.


Location Map:
Qatar Animal Welfare Society
Mukaynis, Qatar
Questandmark & family X


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