Barefoot BBQ @Four Seasons Doha

I’ve heard if you’re not barefoot you’re over dressed. With that in mind Four Seasons Doha’s Barefoot BBQ dinner on a Thursday evening seemed like just what I needed after a long week of meetings, events and mummy duties. There’s something about the thought of walking barefoot in sand that is so therapeutic, isn’t it? Ok but then that accompanied by good food, drinks and great company is just the way to bring in a weekend.

Here’s a quick review of our time spent on the beach at the lovely new dinner thats made a comeback to the outdoor dining scene.

First rule – shoes off! at least in my books however if you’re squeaky clean then leave them on, whatever you fancy as long as you’re comfortable right!

This dinner buffet is set on the beach and although it does not offer a wide spread of choices whatever is on offer is great, specially the meats & seafood. The BBQ stand is obviously what everyone is really there for. The rest of it serves at the perfect side kick to fill in the gaps.


With a decent choice of soup, cold salads and Arabic mezze the starters are average and not spectacular to rave about. It is the meats on the grill that are the star! perfectly marinated lamb chops and succulent shish taouk is what we kept going back for.

But just as I assumed I had hit jackpot for the night, I found the next counter which totally blew me away. Yup all hears!!! – Sea Food Fans. There are a variety of clams, mussels, lobster all things fishy on offer.


I personally recommend the freshly cooked mussels in white wine sauce that is honestly to die for. Ask the chef to add a dash of chili to spice it up and I promise you its an easy trip to heaven. Make sure you head over to the bread counter and fill a basket to soak up all that delicious sauce once you’re done with devouring on the mussels. I alone would go back to this dinner just for these bad boys.

The dessert section isn’t quite elaborate but decent enough to fill you after a few trips to the BBQ station. What you’ll find here is a selection of pastries and ice-cream. My personal vote goes to the arabic dessert station that had Kunafeh and Umm Ali.

For us it was the perfect sweet and warm ending to a chilly evening out on the beach.


Is great with light tunes played in the background at a volume loud enough to have a conversation and hear the sound of the soft waves hitting the shore. The space is well gated and is great to dine at with kids. They could build sand castles right by your dinner table giving you the space and time to enjoy a good meal and conversation.


Was prompt and attentive. The staff that poured our drinks made sure we were well refilled all through dinner. Our plates were cleared in time and table kept clean which to me scores high points. Besides the regular self service of a buffet everything was well attended to.


There’s a special Barefoot beach bar that runs a happy hour from 7pm to 9 pm. The bar of course is open to any one dining at the barefoot bbq and is a great place for pre drinks with friends before commencing an elaborate dinner.  If you’re not eating you could opt for just the drink package priced at 160 QAR per person for unlimited drinks.


BBQ dinner is offered every Thursday night from 6:30 to 10:30 pm and starts at QAR 250 per person with soft drinks; and QAR 350 per person with selected house beverages

So there you go that’s barefoot bbq in 200 Words or less 🙂

Bon Appetite

Questandmark & Friends X



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