Torba Farmers Market

If you’re not really eating, drinking and breathing outdoors this winter then are you actually even living? As for me, I am making most of the current situation as my favourite season of the year in Qatar without a doubt has got to be winter and although it may have just about started, we all know the reality that it will soon come to an end.

In the over a decade of living as an expat in this country for me, this winter is surely proving to be one of the most exciting ones. The blockade in my opinion, has been a small blessing in disguise as more hip, trendy yet ethically and environmentally conscious businesses taking centre stage during these trying times.

One such initiative that promotes local heart felt ventures is The Torba Farmer Market run by its Brainchild – Fatima and supported by the ever so encouraging and nurturing Mothership – Qatar Foundation. In all honesty this has got to be one of my most frequently visited weekend outdoor markets in the past few months and although as some of you may have heard that the fruit and vegetable vendors had some teething issues coping the organic produce at the start of the season they have now picked up, polished their act and sell some delicious and freshly picked both fruit and veggies at the 3 day weekend market.

Torba 2
Pic Credit : @wishlistandwanderrings

Torba also hosts and showcases some of the newest & hippest businesses in town including mine 🙂@hobbyhouseqatar.  We organize free workshops at the market once a month. Feb Workshop – Decoupage Plant Pots see more on @NewInDoha

Hobby House Qatar

A Pop up art & craft concept. Community centric Initiative. Mentor students, Learn a new skill. Make new friends. Read more here Hobby House Qatar



Torba 1
Pic Credit : @wishlistandwanderrings

At the market vendors and businesses are switched up every now and then giving fresh new ideas a space to showcase their products and unique initiatives. Most food products featured at the market are gluten free / vegan / health based and organic so don’t expect to come and find chunky funky fast food meals. Instead you’ll find freshly baked artisan bread that is always sold out  within the first hour of opening, fresh juices, multigrain and wholewheat pancakes & creps etc. My regular stop is at @turkishfoodinqatar stall that sells some mean meat, spinach and feta Böreks. Some other businesses to look out for are –



A few other vendors that are occasionally at the market

On a quite weekend morning you’ll find me there either strolling around for some coffee, running around organizing free art & craft workshops or just simply stocking up on my fruit & veggies for the week. Whatever may be the excuse, I am there nice and early soaking up the sun and making most of this quaint little market space.


Torba has recently added new spaces to the market

1 – Barra Area

This farm to table concept uses homegrown ingredients to cook up some local delicacies.

Pic. Credit @nashplateful

All day brunch menu:

Homemade bread from 4 local bakers, sourdough with labneh & mint, Avocado and beetroot pesto wrap. For mains free range eggs with kale and seasonal truffle or soup and salad of the day. All this served with freshly brewed coffee or karak.


2 – Activity Area

Here’s where @hobbyhouseqatar and other such organizations hold free workshops. This one in particular was a Free Decoupage Plant Pot Workshop


3 – Play Area for kids

Amelie had a blast at this area. She played for 3 hours straight and made a ton of friends. What’s amazing is that there are 2 assistants to watch over the kids should you need to do a bit of grocery shopping without having to tug them along.

This little girl has the time of her life @farmersmarketqa . She gets treated with cookie samples to flowers to fruits from all the different vendors present at the market. The addition of the Play area, Activity area & Barra (Farm to Table area is more than just perfect) Days like this makes me wish winter could last forever, don’t you?


Pic Credit : @nashplateful

Event Details 

Screenshot 2018-02-02 23.30.14

The Market run until the end of March so make sure to make time to head down there with you families.


Happy Weekend 

Questandmark X

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