Nobu Doha – Afternoon Tea

It’s not often that I get to hang out with my girls. With my daily routine taking up pretty much most of my time it is hard to find a quite afternoon away from being mommy / blogger & entrepreneur. There’s always some responsibility that trumps taking some time off and so it’s mostly routine, routine, routine.

This time though when I got invited to try Nobu Doha’s Afternoon Tea I made sure I had all my ducks in row ( with baby A in daddy day care) so I could go out and have fun with some of my favourite blogger girls.

Here’s a little insight into whats on offer at the exquisite Traditional Afternoon Tea that’s served with a Japanese twist at Nobu Doha.

Warning: (This post also contains candid images of what it’s really like to be a blogger coz it’s not all fun and games you know) We do enjoy eating and tasting all the new offerings but there’s a lot of hard work, correct camera angles, lighting and honest reviewing thats involved with every post.


Karen of@Clumsychictaking that perfect shot of Sally of @flyingfoodninjawhile Polly of @followyoursunshine babysits Karens daughter moon so mummy blogger/ photographer can concentrate at work. (You see not all sunshine and rainbows)

Whats on offer? 

Unami offerings -‘savory’

Lobster slider wasabi lime aioli

Black cod butter lettuce

Prawn Sushi

Crispy Squid Salad

Crab cake aji amarillo aioli


Okashi offerings ‘Sweet’

(Appologies for no image, I decided to eat them all without taking a picture)

Soy salt biscuit

Matcha canelé

Profiterole miso cream

Banana harumaki dulce de leche

Gogi berry madeleine

Mini scones served with strawberry shiso jam & honey tofu crème

When you’re done with work and can finally sit down to enjoy a meal.

IMG_6713Loved the texture and flavours of the crispy squid salad


Afternoon tea is served with Nobu Matcha Tea and one choice of tea, coffee or a special beverage.

Damages & Details:

Classic Tea set is priced at – 195 per person 

Sparkling Tea set is priced at – 240 per person

Every Saturday: 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Location – Served at the White Pearl Lounge.

Bon Appetit from us. I hope you all enjoy this scrumptious Afternoon tea as much as we did (Minus all drama of pictures, angles, lighting etc.)


Questandmark X

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