Babymoon @Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi Golf & Spa Resort, Thailand

With the holiday season truly underway its time to talk travel on the blog. Although most of you maybe home bound to celebrate this festive season with your families I know there’s some of you that have booked yourself that quite little ‘Me Time’ getaway where there sun will be shining, cocktails flowing and cool sea breeze blowing.

Personally for us with baby no 2 on her way into the real world in a couple of months we opted to do just that to end a very busy and hectic 2017. We decided to travel just before the holidays so as to avoid the busy season and a 5 day trip to Krabi in our opinion was going to be the right amount of time to get us rejuvenated for the new year.

Now If you’ve followed by blog for a while you’d know that we are an adventure loving family. This part inclusive 5 day stay at a resort is totally out of our comfort zone however we decided to try a lil R&R holiday given it is going to either be impossible or too hectic to travel to a continent as far as Asia in our near future. We just wanted to have enough uninterrupted family time that included spending quality time with Amélie.



After much research and comparing prices online we decided to book our trip via Qatar Airway Holidays cause we found a pretty good deal. Our main requirements were:

1: A kid friendly hotel. as life & holidaying with a toddler comes with some very special needs such as play area & baby sitting service.

2: A hotel that has enough of space & activities as we had planned to pretty much stay within hotel parameters to get as much rest as possible.

3: Big pool space cause honestly there is nothing worse than a crowded beach or pool on holiday.

I think our demands as parents were pretty decent and after looking at a ton of hotels that seemed more apt for a relaxing spa or couples holiday we booked our stay at the family friendly Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi Golf & Spa Resort.

Our flight got into Krabi early am. A 40 minute drive from the airport later we had arrived at the hotel way before regular check in time. The lobby of the hotel has a vast open seating area where we were made to relax while a staff member helped us  check in.  Although regular check in time was passed mid day our room was cleaned and given to us way before time. We also opted to buy lounge passes for the day so we could have breakfast and have a place to enjoy a couple of snack and drinks later that evening. It was totally worth the price as breakfast alone at one of the outlets would have cost us the same amount.


Hotel / Room / Facilities:

The hotel being a golf and spa resort is quite massive and is spread out. We requested for a room on the ground floor that gave us direct access to the lawns, pool & play area / nursery which worked out super convenient through the trip.


The pool of the hotel is gigantic and is designed as a lagoon  which makes it perfect for a lengthy swim or to simply laze around. There are a ton of activities that happen through the day at the pool such as water sports, Aqua aerobics, and other group games. The pool also has an amazing bar where the bartenders stir up some lethal drinks to get guests in a mood for the day.

The kids pool is more for children 3 and above as our lil one year old was unable to stand or play in there without our help. The area though has floats, balls and a little fountain for the kids to keep busy.

There’s also an adult only section to offer some peace and solace to the ones that made the journey to unwind.

Dining Options:

The hotel has 3 restaurants. One that’s an all day dining and where buffet breakfast is served every morning. The others an Indian & Thai restaurant that opens at 6 for dinner and an Italian restaurant. The pool bar also serves some lovely meals through the day. I personally wasn’t so impressed with the in-room dining menu and so we ate outdoors most of the time. Our favourite was definitely the Indian & Thai place and having tasted both cuisines though the trip we really liked how authentic all dishes were. The restaurant staff are also friendly and warm and will do anything to accommodate guests special requests.

If you prefer stepping out of the hotel there are some local restaurants within a 10 min walk and for a romantic dining experience I recommend – Ruenmai . An authentic local restaurant that is set in an artistically designed hut. The food is outstanding and so is the service. Distance is about half hr from the hotel by cab.





The Spa is a beautiful traditional looking house that sits on water within the property. It looks so tranquil from the outside that you one can only imagine the magic & healing that happens indoors.

Day Care & Kids Club:

This was what got us sold on the property in the very first place. It was also the very first entertainment space we stepped into after check in. The kids club has a ton of toys indoors with a soft play section for toddlers, educational toys, tons of books and PlayStation for the older ones. It also includes beds just incase you intend to leave your kid for a few hours opting for the paid day care service.

The kids club organizes activities all through the day such as paper flower making, painting, a few games and even a talent contest whenever there are enough kids to participate.

The outdoor section has swings, slides, mobiles and a big sand pit for the younger ones.

We opted to leave Amelie at day care for an hour one evening and she had a blast while the Mr. and I finally got to catch up on some quite quality time at the bar. The service cost us about 30 QAR which was about the same we pay for hourly baby sit service in Doha.

Other Activities: 

The hotel staff organize a ton of different activities for all ages. Here’s what you could expect.

  • A live Frozen performance
  • 2 daily movie screenings (one for the kids and one for adults every night)
  • Sundowner drinks and chit chat courtesy the hotel,
  • Tai chi training
  • Personalized Muay Thai training
  • A guided bike tour
  • Free yoga lessons

and much more….There’s so much to do on the property that it is most certainly impossible to be bored. An itinerary of the daily activities can be found in the room.

Although being occupied most of the time within the hotel premises the adventure hungry side of us needed to see more of Krabi than just the resort and so we did 2 trips into the touristy hub beach of Ao Nang for some lunch and shopping. The beach is minuscule and crowded and I would definitely advice any one to avoid it if you can. There are however plenty of places to eat,grab a drink and shop for which a few hours is just enough.

Tuk Tuk Ride

You can also head to Rallay beach which is another touristy and party centric place. Its a 15 min boat ride from Ao Nang and to us was totally fine to omit.

Instead we opted to head to Ko Hong Island that was only 15 minutes away from our hotel by speed boat. Our day trip included travel, lunch and drinks and snorkeling gear. that cost us @2000 Baht Per Person. The hotel had a great picnic package put together for everyone and all in all it was not only just a comfortable trip but also a memorable one for us as Amélie  refused to get out of the water and kept us entertained with her sheer enthusiasm and excitement of seeing all things new the whole time. We swam with fish and played in the sand and ever ran around trying to catch crabs. The day and trip couldn’t have been any more perfect than it was!


Month 5 of pregnancy


I am so glad we stepped out of our comfort zone and chose to adventure out into the unknown world of inclusive holidays. We had the most relaxing time without ever being bored or lost for choices. As the girls get older and more exhausting to entertain it seems this kind of vacationing will be the new norm for my lil Q&M family.


If you’re looking for a perfect little family getaway somewhere in Asia that’s neither too crowded or touristy I’d highly suggest giving Krabi a shot for it is the kind of nature that you can scarcely believe is natural, take a boat ride around the Andaman archipelago, it’s Diamond Cave and it’s secret tropical coves, Krabi is truly astonishingly gorgeous and mostly untouched.


Freshly picked coconuts at the hotel lawns

Qatar Airways flies direct flight daily from Doha.


Safe travels & Compliments of the season from us at



Questandmark X

*This is in no way a paid/ sponsored post. Just an honest review of a enthusiastically honest travel blogger.

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