Only At Hakkasan Doha Menu

The restaurant business may just be one of the toughest to survive in. It is one that reinvent’s itself all the time creating trends that bring together west and east and north and south. We live in a modern culinary world full of fusion and sometimes even confusion that serve us things we would have never ever imagined eating in the first place.

In all this madness if there’s one thing I really appreciate these days is a restaurant being excellent at just one cuisine and one that stays consistently true to its culinary roots. Hakkasan for me is one of those places that always brings its ace game to the table. I was recently invited to review the – Only at Hakkasan Doha menu and this blog post is dedicated to the few dishes tried and tested off the that very special menu.

Almost all Hakkasan ‘s around the world serve a few dishes created specially to fit a certain city /region and its people’s palate. Here is Qatar with ingredients being hard to find the menu is designed keeping in mind majority of the guests preferences but also ingredients that can be consistently found. For any anyone that lives here knows well how hard it is to find products  on a regular basis that you get used to cooking with or consuming. The Only at menu changes every six months and this also helps keep it fresh and exciting for the regulars.

At the night we dined we simply decided to leave it up to the staff to decide what to serve out and so here’s what we tried.

Starters :

Lobster Dumplings topped with Beluga Caviar


For any dumpling fan this is one of those dishes that will always score high marks. I personally give it a 10/10. With the skin firm enough to hold the filling yet thin enough to bite through this generously stuffed morsel is that first bite to heaven.

Spicy Wagyu beef salad 


Rear enough to keep the meat flavorful and juicy and spicy enough to hit the right taste buds this one was a clear hit with the Mr. who is undoubtedly the meat fan in the family.

Mains :

Stir fried lamb tenderloin with white asparagus topped with fried mint served on a bean curd crisp


This dish had us guessing if we were really served lamb as the consistency of the meat was as soft as a really good piece of beef. It was succulent and juicy and broke down easily as we bit into it. The asparagus complimented perfectly with the meat and added to a slightly juicy but crispy texture. The balance of flavors and addition of the fried mint on the top added to the freshness of the dish.

Black bean lobster


My favourite of the night. I mean how could you ever go wrong with a chilly and  lobster combo.

Sanpei king oyster mushroom with sweet pea


This dish is the answer to any vegetarian craving a good hearty meal. The mushrooms moist, meaty luscious are filling and absolutely delectable.

We were also served a pot of steaming hot fried rice that although was there to compliment the dishes, we were simply full without eating much of it. The dishes are all wholesome on their own and rarely need an accompaniment.

Now obviously no dinner ends without dessert and this one served was just the perfect way to end our night. An amalgamation of all things berry the dessert hit our sweet spot with actually being sweet at all. A berry mousse & cheery labneh flavoured sorbet was what did it for me. The textures and flavours all varied from crispy to sweet to sour and tangy on one plate in absolutely true Hakkasan style.

Red berry mousse with cherry labneh sorbet


At the end of the night as 2 very contented diners we drove off from the restaurant and went over all of the dishes and the highlights. A little postmortem of the food and service of the place we dine at is a tradition between us and after this one we unanimously concluded that since our very first visit to Hakkasan Dubai back in 2011 we’ve actually never ever had a bad review of the food nor service. What’s great is the consistency in portions, flavors, authenticity and the impeccable/timely service.

I know well that Hakkasan Doha needs no introduction or moral boost however if you are new to the city then this is one of those must eat at places. If you’re a regular and haven’t tried the only at Menu than I highly suggest it as I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Oh and also while you’re there make sure to try this drink – Smoky Negroni 😛



Hakkasan Doha

Location – The gardens of St. Regis

General enquiries or reservations /+974 444 60170 or email


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