The Big Apple Brunch @Marriott Marquis City Center Doha


Let me start this post by saying that this new brunch is the biggest and baddest this city has seen so far. When I say Big I don’t mean miles of buffet style food laid out but Big on flavor and when I say Bad I mean free flowing champagne, yes champagne not sparking wine + 25 different martinis + wine, beer and other spirits. Have I set the right tone yet?

Well wait until you see the menu and have your jaw drop down at the extravagance that arrived at our table. We were 6 adults and everyone one of us has a different palate and hence enjoy different things off the menu. For this reason it was super easy to order and so basically we ordered everything.

I suggest you have a look at this menu first before you scroll down any further.



This was the Seafood platter for 2 and trust me this picture does not do justice to the size of the real thing.  In my opinion its good enough for 6 people and was just the right size for us 🙂 The crab and lobster were absolutely delicious. It felt like the dish was made to look simple intentionally and yet the flavours were bursting out of it with every single bite.


Foie Gras with pickled mushroom, jelly and toasted brioche was a hit on the table and I honestly forgot a count of the no. of plates that were ordered on the table. The best part about this brunch is that everything is made to order and on request in unlimited amount which makes it so easy to enjoy the best of your choice from the menu.


Crispy soft shell Crab salad another one of my personal favourites.


And this Seared Scallop with Pea Puree was cooked to absolute perfection. The textures in the dish have high and low notes to keep the balance. Another one that we may have lost count of the no of times we ordered it.

Moving on the mains:

There’s a huge selection to pick from however after an overload of starters I personally went easy on the mains enjoying just one dish but to the fullest. My eyes were set on the Roast Beef trolley that made the rounds and this rare pick beauty was exactly what I was craving for. The beef I am guessing was marinated for days cause to was juicy and succulent. Kudos to the chef in charge of this dish.

thumb_IMG_4170_1024thumb_IMG_4171_1024A Wagyu Beef Burger also features on the menu and its one that’s an obvious steakhouse favouritethumb_IMG_4175_1024Lamb Shank a rather smaller but full portion considering you are not forced to stick or order just one dish off the mains.


For the fish eaters there’s nothing to worry. A stellar seared halibut is on the menu along with a pan fried chicken dish for the lighter, healthier eaters.

There’s also Angus steak, Wagyu Beef Cheeks, a Short rib and Oyster pie that is the chef’s special. All of which were ordered by my friends accompanying me and were given high scores at the end of dinner.

Dessert on the menu features some simple dishes that are plated both heartily  and beautifully. To make things easy we ordered 2 of each and they all were just fantastic. I personally preferred the Mango Crepe as my stomach needed something lighter in flavor to digest the feast we had indulged in.


Chocolate Souffle


Service & Ambiance

Through our brunch our drinks were topped up at all times however we were never once interrupted during our conversations. The live soft jazz band in the background definitely adds to the ambience. New York Steak House has been a personal favourite of ours for a long time however I honestly didn’t remotely expect the excellence that was delivered last Friday Afternoon.

I am genuinely pleased to know that there now is such a sophisticated brunch in the city that is just plain and simply big on flavors. The name so apt for this one – The Big Apple Brunch delivers that posh yet edgy experience of being in New York without actually having to leave Doha 🙂

If you’re looking to celebrate something special or just have friends that are not fussy about food but love a good fancy fine dining day time meal then this is just the place. I wouldn’t suggest taking kids over 2 along as the set up/ food choices are just not kid friendly. Moreover if you want full value of your money without disturbance I’d say leave them at home and have a good time for a change. I mean there’s free flowing champagne and 25 martinis to drown your exhaustion in!

Brunch is the steepest here however worth every penny in my opinion. Priced at QAR 350 with soft drinks and QAR 500 with bubbles + a full alcohol package, it is actually kinda cheaper than dining out at night considering its unlimited food and drink.

Saver Alert *

If you happen to be an Spg member make sure to add points to your card. Also some company discounts apply so make sure to ask before paying the bill.

Our Experience 

We celebrated our daughters first birthday with a couple of friends and the staff were excellent through the 4 hours we spent there. They even had a cake and a present for our little one ready on her high chair which kept her entertained through the time. We were genuinely impressed with the promptness and thoughtfulness of the staff and would definitely go back again soon minus the baby this time 🙂



Bon Appetit X


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