Steaking Out – The Doha Guide

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a good piece steak! So here, this is me after a year of  research and steaking out I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to the best that Doha has to offer.

Most of last year while I was pregnant the only food I missed the most were Sushi & Steak. I like mine medium rare and honestly I mean more rare than medium. Hence steak had to be eliminated out of my preggy diet completely. Post delivery I went on a mission to make up for lost time and the food I couldn’t eat and hence I present to you my steaking out list.

Warning : In this post and while reviewing all steakhouses I’ve been a complete meat snob so if you like your meat well done then you better not read this post cause it really wouldn’t matter where you dined, it would just be commiting murder twice. If however you do  think that trying it done a different way would be a new way to eat and live then read on.



New York Steak House @MarriottMarquisDoha 

The entrance of the New York Steakhouse is fairly large but nothing in comparison to the openness of the actual restaurant which has a large open kitchen as its feature point. Dark wood furniture, mood lighting, a burst of red and cultured staff all in perfection just how a steakhouse should be.

The menu is not extensive but well thought of giving both meat and non-meat lovers a wide variety to choose from. The meat cuts displayed on a trolley brought to our table surely did add to the appetite. For starters, the Alaskan king crab cake is a meaty appetizer, well presented, served with generous amount of greens. We decided to share a starter cause I prefer leaving more space for the start of the night the steak of course.  For mains try the fillet-tasting trio, 3 types of meats in tenderloin cut of 100g each. The dish is a sort of a guessing game for the palate and the Mullwara Australian black angus definitely was the winner for us. For me it was the Australian wagyu that put the whole  restaurant and experience on top of the list. The meat melted in my mouth and was cooked just as asked.  All in all the perfect steakhouse experience.

No. 2

Prime @Intercontinental The City, Doha

Prime has a sophisticated steakhouse setting that incorporates dark hue wooden furniture. It offers 3 choices of settings one that faces the show kitchen, the other a private dining space and third a cosy circular dining space. The restaurant serves quality meat mainly comprising of the 4 essential cuts – tenderloin, T-bone, Rib eye and sirloin. I highly recommend the pan-fried foie gras served with brioche and fresh berry coulis to start with followed by the 1824 Australian Angus 120 day grain fed rib eye. Prime also offers what may be the largest selection of sides making it really hard to pick one which is the smallest of my complaints of course. To finish ask for the dessert platter for two which changes daily as per chefs mood and according to us is the perfect way to end the night. Whats good is this ones on the Entertainer app and so it makes speaking out  affordable.


No. 3 

J.W Steakhouse @The Doha Marriott

At Doha’s oldest steakhouse establishment you can expect a no nonsense affair. This arty yet classic American steakhouse takes its meat very seriously. We got handed over large oversized wooden menus that left us speechless and a bit confused as we were spoilt for choices. Big comfy chairs and live mellow tunes being played on the piano set the right tone for huge juicy steaks that followed. Try the T-Bone steak, which is extremely well priced at 260 QAR for 450 gms. All steaks are served with a choice of sauce and for sides I recommend the creamed spinach as a light and healthy option. Our only complaint was that we did not see Wagyu feature on the menu which is a small yet significant detail given most of the other steakhouses in the city offer Wagyu.


No 4.

Bentley’s Grill @Radisson Blu, Doha

Bentley’s Grill is a true hidden gem of this city. This place is quietly tucked away somewhere in the corner inside the new Radisson Blu Doha. The restaurant is small and what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality. This quaint cosy steakhouse is the perfect place for a romantic night out. We were blown away by the grandeur of the low hanging chandeliers that add to the charm. The open kitchen provides for all kinds of cooking drama. I recommend trying the Scottish smoked salmon tarte flambé and the Angus Beef USDA Prime graded rib eye with Madagascar pepper sauce that adds the extra kick. The molten lava chocolate cake was also delicious however didn’t ooze out melted chocolate as we had hoped for. Overall a perfect venue to celebrate something special, Its great for a gentlemen’s night out too cause they have a good whisky selection and cigars or apt for an intimate dining experience.


No 5.

Astor Grill @The St. Regis, Doha

Astor Grill is modern grandeur personified. The restaurant is large with a really high ceiling that showcases traditional steakhouse architectural material in a contemporary way. A large show kitchen sets the stage for whats in store ahead. Service was impeccable right from when we entered the restaurant. Recommend starting with the warm melted goat cheese with radicchio salad that offers a perfect balance of textures with every bite. From the mains try the Australian Full Blood Wagyu. The meat is tender and buttery however one of us asked for our steak to be done rare and received it on the edge of nearly done. We were a bit disappointed in the end given its one of the pricier steakhouses the city has to offer and they chefs went totally wrong with over a 100$ piece of steak. The plate was replaced however it was just disheartening to see an expensive piece of meat go to absolute waste.

No. 6

Anvil Room @Tornado Tower. Doha

Anvil Room a restaurant situated on the 28th floor of one of the most iconic towers in Doha , Tornado tower. The restaurant welcomes its guests with a statue of a cow placed in the hallway. My review for this one is a bit of mixed bag and hence it sits at no. 6. I made a reservation a few hours before we were meant to dine however I wasn’t informed that the restaurant did not have all of the drinks & food on the menu. Many of the items were unavailable which was disappointing news to us since we were really looking forward to a good glass of red, the view and steak. Well so anyway we were left to settle for a choice among what was on offer that day.

My recommendation would be to try the pan roasted foie gras served with toasted nuts and brioche from the appetizers and the Australian black Angus with eggplant parmigiana as side. Delicious and flavourful, the meat needed nothing but a bit of seasoning to bring out its natural taste. We are skeptical about going back for the fear of not being able to experience the restaurant in its entirety however have to point that the food dished out was perfectly seasoned and cooked. Back to the misses. When we asked, the staff why so many dishes were unavailable they had no answer nor were they interested in any feedback given. I mean a steakhouse that runs out of red wine! Well ok in honesty they did have wine but only by the bottle and it started at 1500 QAR. So yes according to me thats no red wine available. We would have appreciated the manager acknowledging the absence of certain main menu items and drink and giving us an explanation for the same since his staff had no clue. I would have also appreciated being told over the phone that such was the case and we wouldn’t have reserved at all. Like I said in the start mixed bag. Good food and crapy service.



So there you go, this is my round up of Doha’s very best. I’m sure some of you may have had different experiences at all or some of the above places. However if you have a change of heart and decide to give this list a go then I hope you enjoy steaking out as much as I did.

Happy Meating … Happy Eating 🙂


*This is not a sponsored post, just an honest bloggers honest review.


QuestandMark X


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