Workshop 7 : Islamic Art

This new addition to this list of workshops offered at Hobby House Qatar is quite fitting to Doha and its residents. Qatar has for long invested enormous amount of time, money and effort into building an Islamic art loving community through its stunning architecture, museums, cultural events etc.

Our new Islamic art workshop hence had been quite a hit with the community and was sold out soon. This class is taught by Amber Rauf an artist who has commissioned work and has both taught and displayed her art at the Museum of Islamic art. We had a lovely morning over coffee, breakfast, sufi music playing in the background as our participants learnt some history and types of Islamic Art at the Shangri la hotel Doha. Here’s a glimpse of the workshop.



IMG_1366IMG_1367IMG_1368IMG_1369IMG_1370IMG_1371IMG_1372IMG_1326A participants final work using Gouche paints


Course Break up 



For more details please email – or follow us on Facebook / Instagram  @hobbyhouseqatar and leave us a message.


See you at a class soon.





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