Hakkasan Doha – Special Qatar Airways Menu

A couple of months ago I heard from a friend that works for Qatar Airways that a new menu had been introduced as a special promotion for QR staff members at Hakkasan Doha. Hakkasan has always been one of our favourite asian restaurants in the city however an occasional trip is in all honesty pretty much what we can afford or atleast choose to spend on dining out. No surprises then when I heard of the deal I put it on our agenda and tried to make the time to try it out.

Just before everyone escaped for the summer my friends and I decided one last supper was needed and we all uninamoiusly picked to meet up at Hakkasan. I was beyond excited to finally have a good night out with some great food in the very best company and so I made a reservation mentioning we were booking for the QR offer, booked a sitter for baby Amelie since Hakkasan has a strict no child policy and most importantly  there after crossed my fingers that the day would go as planned.

Here’s a glimpse of whats on offer. I strongly suggest, If you do happen to have any friends that work for QR you should call them now!

FullSizeRender 10

 FullSizeRender 6Soft Shell crab in garlic and curry leaves

IMG_1178Sui Mai & Steamed dumpling selection 

The steam dumplings from course 2 – small eat section. The Sui mai and Soft shell crabs both signature drinks were ordered for sharing form the regular menu. We also started with a soup which sadly I don’t have a picture of.

FullSizeRender 9

Crispy Prawn with dried chili and nuts ,one of my all time favorites. I was happy to see it on the special menu and without hesitation went right ahead and ordered it.

FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 7Dessert Galore

When you have friends with a sweet tooth this is what is brought to your table. The ice cream and sorbets are included in the special menu and in my opinion the chocolate and coffee flavored ones were exceptionally good. The coconut semifreddo was ordered off the regular menu and was just exquisite. I mean taste, flavours, presentation every single one scoring a 11 on 10. The dessert chef at Hakkasan truly deserves a big round of applause for offering us a fine showcase of his work of art.

Also an absolute must for the not so sweet cocktail lovers when at Hakkasan is the Smoking Negronis. This drinks created at the brand is a best seller and is known worldwide for the same.

IMG_1143A beautiful bar for pre or post drinks. 



4 course menu – Inclusive of unlimited water, soft drinks and Chinese tea @168 QR per person

4 course menu – Inclusive of unlimited water, soft drinks, Chinese tea and half a bottle of wine or sparkling @278 QR per person

Although the menu says Saturdays 3pm to 4pm, we availed of the offer on a regular weeknight so I suggest you call and clarify while making a reservation. Also the offer is valid for +3 people per QR ID card holder. I was also told that the menu changes every couple of months and that this offer has no end date.

I hope you enjoy this special meal as much as we did. We ordered a couple of more dishes off the regular menu however the set menu portions were decent and extremely filling, enough as a complete meal.


 Bon Appetit!

For reservations contact – Hakkasan Doha


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