Nobu Doha Brunch

With Ramadan done and dusted Its about time we talk brunch.

2 days before fasting began my sister and her husband decided to visit us in Doha for the very first time in the 11 years that I’ve lived in this country. The timing they choose to be in the city was terrible given everything was on the verge of closing down for Ramadan or had already shut shop. With just 2 days to show them around my D town the pressure for me was on considering they were visiting from New York. An agenda was ready and apart from the cultural must see’s like the souq, Katara and MIA my favorite restaurants ranked high up on the itinerary given the foodie that I am.  I had a whole 2 days of dining out agenda set right from the time they arrived and this is what it looked like. Wednesday night post arrival – Arabic cuisine check with Turkey Central take out , Thursday afternoon – Zengo Business Lunch for lunch with the best city view check followed by dinner at Hakkasan for smoking negronis the best cocktails in town check and last but not the least – Nobu Friday brunch as the grandest of the grand finale’s, a total and complete all rounder check.

If you’re wondering why so? Here are the reasons why I think Nobu Brunch is the very best this town has on offer.

Fuss without the Fuss

Brunches are great but its the chaos and the amount of people partying during the early hours of the day that is somehow taxing after a week long of work. Nobu takes away always all the unnecessary madness and keeps brunch super chic and simple just as brunches should be. Right from the moment you pull up at the entrance you know you’re in for a treat. If you ask me I say this is exactly what all friday’s should look like . Reservation made you’re escorted to your table and introduced to your server for the course of the afternoon. Yes just one person who will check and make sure you are kept happy, topped up and satisfied all through the afternoon. Personalized service is the way Nobu does brunch.


Mass and Merit

Here’s how brunch works, you get seated and drink orders are taken. While your drink arrives you get a bunch of starters to nibble on instantly and the brunch concept explained by the server. Now drinks in hand, ready to cheer and bites to calm everyones starving belly’s you are kept happy right away once seated at the table. But don’t be fooled by the starters that are brought to you. This brunch is part sit down part buffet and there’s plenty of food to indulge in. Actually a whole range to choose from, there’s sushi to sashimi to maki to nigiri all sorts of it freshly made and dished out from the sushi station. On the other side of the restaurant is starter station 2 – serving out crab, shrimp, razor shell clams, tempura, gazpacho, foe gras…you name it, they have it. Its all unlimited and a heap of it pick from.




As for main course there’s a long list of dishes too on offer that are cooked exactly how you like it. Dishes are served out hot and fresh and are brought to the table. Mains feature signature dishes like black cod in Miso, King Crab Leg Shiso Salsa, Beef Ribeye with Anticucho and Umami Chilean Sea Bass as seen in the picture above.

The quantity of each main dish is massive and in my opinion maybe even too much for 1 person to finish however more is better than less right. As for dessert again the server takes the order and makes sure to deliver it only upon request after confirming any second serving of starters are done with.

Although I don’t have a picture of the Chocolate Bento Box it has to be hands down the best chocolate dessert i’ve ever eaten in Doha and you’ll just have to take me up on my word.

What I absolutely love about brunch at Nobu is that there is no aimless walking around and cold food served out and that to me is already a winner. From all the brunches i’ve ever been to never has every single dish served out been excellent, here it is.  And what’s also not normal for me is to want every single dish from the mains on offer. Trust me at Nobu you will want to order it all and if so my only suggestion would be to make sure you convince all your mates to order a different dish to have a taste of it all. Its quite honestly the only option you have to win in this situation that or you would just have to go back to brunch at Nobu every Friday. For me its the Food box is where Nobu truly scores the highest points and brunches are ultimately about food right.It truly is exceptional and hits all high notes on both major fronts, quantity and quality.


I am not quite sure if its the feng shui or the Nobu service standard that exuberates all this energy within the place but the vibe is just in sync with the food. Lots of bright natural light, high ceilings and big elegant transparent glass lamps add to the atmosphere of this modern sophisticated food temple. People come dressed for a causal friday and are yet elegant enough to match the delicate light flavors of food served out. It is fine dining at its very best in the most casual and no fuss set up.


Family Friendly 

For the longest time I was under the impression that Nobu Doha had a strict no kids policy. Its not a place I’d consider taking my 8 month old for dinner anyway given most people pay a hefty price for an elegant meal and peaceful night out. I was always under the impression that the same policy would be extended at Friday brunch too however I was terribly wrong for this making this assumption and extremely pleased with the friendliness of the staff. My little one had a ball of a time playing with her toys over lunch, chatting in gibberish to the kids on the table next to us and even crawling out on the terrace while we adults soaked up some sun and view. The stuff not once made a fuss about her showing her excitement towards the other kids or brunch happenings.

Thats no 4. and this brings me to my last and final reason –

The View

As if the drive to Nobu is not fancy enough the view from the restaurant too is just as spectacular. With one side facing the stunning four seasons and the other the sea and part skyline there’s really nothing more you would need to make a Friday more memorable than this.


A five star meal with exceptional service followed by a spectacular view is just how I would like to celebrate every special day. In all honesty I do think there is no other brunch this city has on offer that inspite given the steep price of QR 510 per person including alcohol beverages offers a remarkable dining experience.

For us since the birth of our baby girl Its been a while my husband and I could enjoy long date nights. We are either forced to tag her along for early dinners or organize a baby sitter which in itself is quite a task. Once in a way spending the extra bucks on excellent food and drink whilst having her with us is just the best way to spend a perfect Friday with the family. We’ll be returning soon after our travels this summer and I hope you you make it too. If you do, I’d love to hear what you think of it so leave me a message/comment .

Bye for now… have a good summer and happy feasting.


Bon Appetit X

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