Workshop 6: Mandala Art

June saw yet another addition to the list of workshops offered @hobbyhouseqatar. This one is less of an arm workout from last weeks Macrame class and is more of a brain exercise. Mandala is derived from sanskrit and is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.

Mandala art is know to have therapeutic affects on our brain and it is in the repetition of intricate artwork that our minds are set free.

This was definitely one of our most fun classes and the conversations around the table that morning were uplifting just as the art.

The class is taught by Antiguan national – Kelly that is a self taught paper artist. She has never taught a large class before and yet does a great job. She is soft spoken very motherly in her approach and I am guessing its the years of coaching her own three children that gives her this compassionate touch.

Here are a few images of her workshop held at Sridan – The Shangri-La Doha . Next workshop will be scheduled post summer break, starting September 2017.






All students started with the same geometric calculation drawing and ended up with unique pieces of art. This is what art does to people. It cannot be copied and constrained. Eventually one way or another individual personalities shine through our work.


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