Eggcitement – Marzipan Easter Eggs

Easter is only a few hours away and just as everywhere else although this weekend is about our families, new life, Church and long sermons lets be honest in reality it is clearly and predominantly to most people about easter eggs and egg hunting 🙂
I remember as a kid, Easter was one of the most fun festivities of the year as my siblings and I got to help my mum make easter eggs to distribute to family and friends. Sadly most of that batter went straight into our tummies never seeing the light of day but mum always made some extra to accommodate our hungry stomachs.
This year she’s here visiting us to spend time with my little baby girl and so I thought what better way to prep for Easter than to relive one of those old egg making tradition days.
Here’s a shortened and super easy recipe to you could try with your kids if you have nothing planned for today. I definitely felt like a kid again last night as I made these with mum.
250 Grams Almond Powder
500 Grams Caster Sugar
Rose water – 4 tbsp
Warm Water
Food Colouring – (lemon yellow / green & pink )
Add sugar & almond powder and mix on low speed. Slowly add in the rose water & a little warm water until it turns into a firm dough. (I have a kitchen aid and so the process is much shorter. However if you’re kneading the dough this could take a while)
Remove from kitchen aid, separate the dough into 2/3 equal parts and knead a little to add some elasticity. Then return to the mixer one part at a time and add 2 drop of colouring. Knead the dough until the colour has mixed equally.
You should now have 2 different colors of marzipan dough.
We couldn’t find an easter egg form and so we used a kinder form to shape the eggs.
Decorate them as you please. We used a ready Dr. Oertker ready icing sugar mix that comes with different nozzles.
End product: 
Delicious Marzipan Easter Eggs to distribute are ready.
Yes and although these may be half an egg I guarantee you they are full of love.
Happy Easter Everyone! May the risen lord bless and guide you through the rest of the year.
Questandmark X

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