2nd edition – Q&M’s Family Fun Day

Its a yearly tradition for me as Q&M to host a bloggers and PR family fun day in my garden. This fun day is not only dedicated to recognize all the hard work that everyone puts in through the year but is also a way to bring together our families and support system that help us stay alive in our little blogosphere. After all these are the people who really know what it’s like to dine with, travel with or simply just live with a blogger. These are people who truly deserve appreciation more than anyone else for…

  • Having patience and holding on until we’ve got the right picture that eventually leads them to eating cold food 😦
  • Taking a top shot of us cutting into our food.
  • Making that perfect boomerang video.
  • Snapping our #ootd shots….. etc. etc. etc.

and the list could go on, couldn’t it.

Its also a day and way to thank our lovely high heeled PR peeps who work round the clock and beyond working hours extending their exceptional hospitality to us through the year. Our countless monthly dinning events keep them too away from their families and friends and so this bunch definitely deserves some love.

As always the tone for this fun day is kept completely informal and the plan simple. Everyone brings one dish and a couple of drinks to share and then we have a fiesta. Yes a POTLUCK PARTY!!!

Setting up –

This part is most exciting to me. Prepping up and getting the place ready to host a party is what I could honestly live for 😛 I wanted the ambience to be reflective of the casual mood and so I went for an uber relaxed and informal garden setting. Here’s what the final result looked like –

FullSizeRender 12

The Food and People 

FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 11

FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 5

IMG_7872FullSizeRender 10

We had a ball of a time all evening and it was just great meeting everyones husbands, kids and friends.

In spite of a busy schedule with travel, work, blogging and a baby we managed to pull of yet another successful Q&M gathering and I am so thankful to everyone who joined in the fun and made the evening a success. For all those who missed this years event there just maybe a round two sometime later in the year so stay connected.

For now – Adios!!! From my lil globetrotting family that is constantly on a Quest to Mark yet another country off the map.

Questandmark X

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