Livin La Vida – Doha (A lifetime Experience)

True to the title – This little brief post is about one of the most fun days spent in this desert. Although I’ve lived here for 11 long years its only quite recently that I’ve started to indulge in the local art and craft scene. Since starting Hobby House Qatar I’ve met some extremely inspirational women that are always up and ready to get their hands dirty with some DIY activity.

As for me I can remember being a lover of thrift shopping since I was little girl. Growing up I was nicknamed – the garbage lady by the people I lived around cause every evening I would go rummaging through the streets looking for stuff. That stuff was then brought home of course.  Some of it was shiny, some glittery but mostly just simply interesting and intruiging or at least thats what I thought.

Given my inner child is still a lover of all things junk it was only befitting for me to sign up to – Watermelon Ink’s fun called – Livin La Vida – Doha as soon as I saw this interesting post up on Instagram. I had been meaning to enroll at one of Alleines fun workshops for quite a while but the timing was never right. This one fit perfectly into my schedule and although It meant an early morning wake up after landing back into Doha late at night I still signed up to class cause it all sounded oh so very exciting.

Livin La Vida – Doha

We met early at 7:30 am at Souq Haraj located in Najma. The group stopped to fuel up with a cup of tea before a busy morning of bargain hunting and shopping commenced. My eyes had spotted 2 fun items while I walked to our meeting point and so shopping for me was pretty quick.


What is Soq Haraj?

Souq Haraj is a gold mine for DIY and furniture lovers. It one of the oldest souls in the country and is a one stop shop for second hand furniture. I’ve been going back time and again to this place for the last few years and have always found amazing pieces at ridiculously cheap prices. For example –

Vanini found this black cupboard priced at 300 QAR and finally bought it at 160 QAR 😛




What did I buy?

– This African wicker basket @20 QAR


– A mirror try that will soon soon be turned into a jewelry stand @20QARIMG_8070.JPG

-A Garden Table @50 QARIMG_8073.JPG

Total damage – 90 QAR

After an hour and a half of bargain hunting we split up in our cars and drove to the beautiful and stunning home of Aisha owner of – Qe Me Pongo for a sumptuous Spanish Brunch.  Qe Me Pongo is a home run boutique that will soon open its door as a private coffee spot. You could also book brunch or a little meal at Aisha’s garden. Here’s the inside of the lovely little oasis tucked away on C ring road.

IMG_8050 2IMG_8052




The Spread


The Boutique

Watch this video and follow @qemepongo for more updates to how to book.

OH! the day was so fun and fruitful. Spending my morning with a great bunch of talented women entrepreneurs is just how this week should have ended. I’ve been dreaming a lot and have a ton of ideas that have been keeping me awake most nights. Today’s experience just fueled those thoughts and I am super exited to start the week with my super pumped creative brain.

Looking forward to many more workshops and collaborations with these ladies. Please support your local girl gang – Alleine @watermelonink & Aisha @qemepongo.


Feel free to write to me if you have any questions about this tour or experience.

Questandmark X

6 thoughts on “Livin La Vida – Doha (A lifetime Experience)

  1. Hi! I just follow a link on Facebook and reach to your blog,I love everything diy and I felt very inspired by your posts… i would love to participate in future workshops specially related with sewing…. or anything


    1. Hi Carolina, I am so glad to know you like to DIY. I have tons of workshops coming up. I still have space for this Wednesdays crochet class if your interested. If not stay tuned for our sewing class in May.


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