Workshop 1 : Bread Baking

Workshop 1 : Bread Baking  (enriched brioche & pain au lait with lemon zest + white chocolate)

On March 25th of this year HHQ hosted its very first workshop. The workshop was a bread baking class taught by @Rousweetcorner. Roua is Lebanese by nationality and has lived in Qatar for 4 years. She is an Architect by profession and has an undying love for baking. She recently returned from a short baking course at the prestigious culinary school  – Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and was delighted to share her passion and love for baking with others.

Here’s a little peek into the highlights of her class.


@rousweetcorner weighing the dough


Making note of tips


Kiren of @yummymummyonduty shaping the dough for Pan au lait.


Shaping the Pan Au Lait

 Scoring the pan au lait dough before it goes into the oven

Final Egg Wash

The correct consistency

At the end of the class with freshly baked bread right out of the oven the students and Roua enjoyed a lovely breakfast together . Each participant also got to take home a few slices of Brioche and a pain au lait.

Roua will be teaching another class very soon so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram – @hobbyhouseqatar if you would like to attend round 2.

A lot more fun workshops lined up for the next few months such as watercolor painting / crochet / sewing / gardening & flower making.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of the workshops very soon.

Hobby House Qatar by @Questandmark

*For collaborations please contact – or send me a PM on Instagram.

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