Welcome to Hobby House Qatar

Hi and welcome to Hobby House Qatar, a very special project I’ve been working on for the past few months. Hobby House is quite simply a product of my own search and frustration to find a place in Doha where I could learn new creative skills and enhance existing ones. I’ve lived in the country for 11 odd years and i’ve never been able to find a one stop shop place that houses people with talent that can mentor anyone looking to pick up a hobby of their choice. There a few that cater to children but what about adult minds that need stimulation.

As young girl my mother always inculcated in us a habit to take time to do what we love. Not always with the hope to excel at it but to have a way to vent out and release our daily stress. It could be anything from painting to recycling old cards to pottery to cross stitch to crochet. Just anything under the sun. It was the act of trying something new, learning and developing a part of our brain and ourselves that effected our overall personality, moral, self esteem and wellbeing. It was also a great way for us as young girls to meet new like minded people that would help us push our creative boundaries and eventually enhance ourselves. My search was futile and quite frankly I was just fed up of waiting on someone to act upon the idea. Sometime last year I decided to take matters in my own hands and so Hobby House Qatar was born. 

What is Hobby House Qatar? 

HHQ is a home run project and a place where talents are fostered, nurtured and grown. HHQ collaborates with artist and mentors around the city to teach what they love doing the most. The main aim is to simply share knowledge, ideas and learn new skills. It is also a place to meet new people, make new friends & drink lots of ☕️ together while building a hobby loving community. 

At HHQ both free and paid workshops are conducted monthly. Regular classes are priced between 30 to 50 QAR per class & special workshops that are hosted outside can go up to a max of 500 Per person. Most classes include provision of work material required for the class. unless specified. Spaces at #HHQ workshops are limited as I host them at home and hence have a max capacity of 8 students for regular classes and 4 for special ones.

On March 25th of this year HHQ hosted its very first workshop. The workshop was an a bread baking class taught by @Rousweetcorner. Roua is Lebanese by nationality and has lived in Qatar for 4 years. She is an Architect by profession and has an undying love for baking. She recently returned from a short baking course at the prestigious culinary school  – Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and was delighted to share her passion and love for baking with others.

Here’s a little peek into the highlights of her class. Bread Baking  (enriched brioche & pain au lait with lemon zest + white chocolate)

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Roua will be teaching another class very soon so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram – @hobbyhouseqatar if you would like to attend round 2.

A lot more fun workshops lined up for the next few months such as watercolor painting / crochet / sewing / gardening & flower making.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of the workshops very soon.

Hobby House Qatar by @Questandmark

*For collaborations please contact – questandmark@gmail.com or send me a PM on Instagram.


  1. Manju

    I am glad to be part of the first workshop. It was a wonderful session. It was well organized workshop. I liked your personalized touch in that recipe card holder and the bread covers..

    Rou is a great baker… and she was very helpful sharing her experiences and answering queries :)…Now I just need to get a stand mixer to try the recipes..

    Congrats Hobby House Qatar. Looking forward to be part of more workshops…


    1. QuestandMark

      So glad to hear the positive feedback Manju. If there’s a particular hobby you’re interested in do let me know so I can try and arrange a class. For the time being Happy Baking 😛


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