Bloggers & PR Fun Family Brunch

Last year around this time we had just moved into a new house, It was the blog’s 1st anniversary and my husband and I had just found out that I was pregnant. With so much to celebrate we decided to start a yearly tradition of a pot luck party to bring together all of the city’s PR representatives, bloggers and their better halves AKA (our very supportive & no. 1 blog fans).

The plan was kept simple. Everyone that was able to make it was asked to bring one dish and a couple of drinks to share. The turn out was brilliant and it was amazing to see all the different dishes from around the world on one table. It was in every sense a tiny little global party. This year I’ve been super busy with work, Amelie, blogging and my new project Hobbby House Qatar but i’ve also been itching to plan the 2nd edition which of course got me reminiscing last year’s highlights.

Here are a few pictures from 2016:

The Set Up




The Party


@Pinayflyinghigh who’s now based in London. Make sure you follow her if you have Greece or The Uk on your travel agenda. She has some of the best travel tips on her blog


Hani & Natalie from @lemonandmintblog along with Antonio @easypartys



The Westin Hotel & Spa Doha’s –  Marketing Team


Our lovely chirpy @CristinaDiary who now lives in Copenhagen.  @Macaronandhighheels chatting with Mr. B from @BonjourChiara


Too bad I don’t have enough of pictures of the food that was brought over. This is just some of what we devoured on.



Treats courtesy @TheBakingStudio 



Watch Full Video 🙂

Awww.. I can’t wait to host the second edition. Just hope all the stars align to pull one off this year.

Questandmark X

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