Tips for Travelling with an Infant

A few months ago while I was still pregnant someone asked me if my blog was soon going to feature mommy and baby stuff. I very confidently answered with “No, I blog about Travel and Food and thats how I intend to keep it. Little did I know then how much my life was going to change after becoming a mom.

Now as I swallow part of my words, I write my first ever baby related blog post keeping in line with the theme of travel and food of course.

Warning: Please read this post at you own risk and know that I am no expert to give advice on any matter. For god knows I am one of the junior league players in the mommy arena. This is my first season and I’m still trying to figure out how to do it right everyday. I’m simply sharing my experience in the hope to prepare or make life a little bit easier for the newer ones.

My baby girl is 4 1/2 months old and so far she’s clocked in about 26 hours of flying time. Do the math and you’ll figure that’s quite a bit of airmiles in this tiny tots pocketed. Majority of the flights we’ve done so far has just been her and I and so here’s a few essentials I’ve eventually figured will help make the journey smoother than expected.

Pack Pack Pack 

Be prepared. There’s nothing better than making a checklist and yes a written one is the best. Scientist say that the act of writing helps clarify your thoughts and helps remember. Everyone has their own checklist with what works best for them depending on if you are breastfeeding or not. This one is mine and i do both.

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Changing table cloth
  • Extra clothes (2 sets)
  • Milk powder
  • Bottles – I suggest Mixie ( Read why below)
  • Extra water in a hot flask, helps keep the water warm
  • Brest pump ( charged with extra batteries)
  • Thermometer
  • Nasal cleaner
  • Colic medicine + small spoon ( This is an absolute must of you are mediating colic)
  • Tissue
  • Breast pads
  • Extra top & bra for mommy

Pre Flight Feed

I make sure I time Amelie’s feed and always give her a bottle either just before or on our way to the airport. This helps keep her calm and I know for sure that if she starts to cry its not because she’s hungry. Checking in and passing immigration is a lot less stressful this way.

Travel Carriers

Most airlines deliver strollers on the baggage belt and god forbid you at a big airport you’re going to need a baby carrier. If you’r looking to invest in a baby carrier I suggest something that is made out of cloth and easy to fold and carry. Boba body wraps are good as along as you’ve had enough practice to tie one by yourself. ( Practice make perfect and use it a few times before you travel with it)

Seat Selection

Choosing a seat is essential to your travel experience – Most parents like asking for a seat on the first row with a bassinet attached but I prefer asking the staff if the flight is fully booked if not I ask for an extra seat next to me if possible and so far I’ve been lucky to have  one. This extra seat is a game changer. It helps me put her down and watch her every time I need to get something. I find aircraft bassinets are always placed way to high and as a new parent traveling alone can be stressful.  I had it once and was constantly having to get up from my seat to watch if she was moving and alive. (New mommy fear, its natural and normal) Also every time there’s turbulence the crew ask that you remove the baby and hold them. This just wakes them up and creates a whole array of other troubles. If you have them sleeping on the seat next to you though you could easliy just fasten the seat belt without disturbing your poor little sleeping beauty.

Food on Flight

Always be ready to breastfeed, have little milk in a bottle or a pacifier during take off & landing as the act of sucking helps reduce the effect of air pressure on a babies ears.

And now for my most favourite discovery. – Mixie Bottles. I am in love with this product and just wish I had found them earlier when I travelled all alone in the first few months. This is the perfect travel bottle. You add the food to the little jar and close tightly. Pour water into the bottle as much as you need. The bottle can hold 250 ml. Whenever you need to use it just push at the bottom which which will release the lid of the food container. Shake well and feed (lesson I’ve learnt from one previous experience was to make sure to close the lid of the food container tightly to avoid any water from entering into it. Obviously you all know the consistency of powder mixing with water. In this case, lumpy and unusable.

I ordered this bottle on Instagram from – Mixie Baby QA and it was delivered to me at my door step. The bottle cost 85 QAR, its made in USA, is BPA- and is absolutely safe to use.
I suffered a lot in the beginning having to pacify a crying baby and prep bottles simultaneously. It was a nightmare doing it and even tougher while traveling alone. Just  wish I had this back then. I also recently got back from a short trip to Oman and tried to use it on the flt. It was amazing. Had her bottle ready in 30 sec. as opposed to atlease 2 minutes.

Here’s a full video on how it works.

Pre Travel

Lastly I think what matters the most is that you stay clam making sure both baby and mama are well rested before a flight. Plan a sleeping schedule ahead of time and make sure you leave buffer time for before the airport. There’s always that last minute diaper change or oops i forgot moment.

What I love the most is that I think of these trips as more of an adventure with the little one than that OMG i have to travel alone with a baby feeling. Its all in the mind. For new mommies I just have to say how helpful everyone is when they see a lady traveling with a baby. From my experience its been a breeze through with lines, immigration security etc. There are tons of good samaritans out there waiting to help. We’ll I guess they all have had their fair share of help too and are just paying it forward!

With that I end my first travel / food / mummy blog post. I wish you all safe travels and a life full of little adventure with you little ones.

Off we go!

Bon Appetit.

Quest and Mark X

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