Zengo – Friday Brunch

Zengo is my new favourite restaurant in the city so given when I heard they had started serving Friday brunch I had to try it and of course drag my foodie battalion along.

We were celebrating a friends birthday and thought what better place than that on the 61st floor of the city’s tallest tower. So we booked a table much in advance and showed up as always on time to make the most of the brunch offer.

We were’nt really sure how brunch was being served but once seated or server soon explained that the restaurant offers a set menu of cold starters, warm starters, mains and desserts and we could order as many portions of each as and when we pleased.


The menu to me was exciting as it had few of my absolute favorites. We were told that unfortunately or fortunately the menu keeps changing to keep it fresh. Hence  I’m not sure what to expect to have if and when I go back to brunch at Zengo. Everything is brought to the table and you can order as much as you want until the last order.

Here’s what was served the day we dined –

Cold Starters 

img_6158Shrimp Rolls 

img_6152Wagyu Beef Tiradito – Stellar dish. I think they would have probably ran out of  wagyu since we left.

Hot Starters 

img_6164Salmon Miso – one of those classic dishes that is so easy to overcook and spoil yet this was just how it should be done. Pink and plum.

img_6173Chicken Sui Mai –  could anyone ever have enough of these?? Steamed goodness 😛


img_6180Crispy Calamari 

img_6179BBQ Lamb Ribs – Another highlight. The meat was so tender that it literally fell off the bone.

img_6177Chicken Curry Green – Creamy and delicious but don’t expect authentic spicy thai flavours this was definitely one for the masses.





Dessert was to die for especially the chocolate fudge cake. I could have heaps of it and I am not even a big dessert fan. What wasn’t to my linking though was the sesame creme brule which was a small but significant complaint. I think some classics just shouldn’t be modernized or muddled with but thats my personal opinion of course.

Moving to something that was an absolute highlight – The View. I’ve dinned at Zengo for dinner and that view was pretty but damn is the view a stunner during the day. Also I think I love it more cause its perfect for taking fantastic pictures of the city. Don’t believe me??? Scroll down –



Overall such a great brunch. High quality ingredients used in all dishes combined with personalized service makes this truly a luxurious brunching experience than the other the city has on offer. The tables were all attended to and constant flow of drinks kept the tempo up at our little sit down birthday party.

I’m honestly looking forward to going back soon and hoping to see and try new dishes on offer. Oh and yes if you happen to try the brunch and can still stand on one foot then I suggest giving the happy hour at Z lounge a go 🙂 While you’re there have one for me too will ya?



250 QAR per person – including soft drinks

350 QAR per person – including bubbles and soft drinks
Friday, 12:30 to 16:00


For any queries on my experience please contact me at questandmark@gmail.com.


Bon Appetit!

QuestandMark X


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