Saturday Brunch @ Sabai Thai – The Westin Hotel & Spa

Gone are the days uber expensive Friday brunches were the most happening thing to do over a weekend. 2017 is seeing a smarter and more economical trend take centre stage. Enter half prized Saturday brunches. Yes, I know I got you at Half Price right! I ain’t cheap and really don’t mind spending the bucks on good food but why not sleep in and rest on a Friday saving up energy to enjoy the last day off before a working week? Yay to more sleep and saving money 🙂

I’ve soon become a Saturday brunch person and besides Nozomi’s dumpling brunch this one has to be the next best thing.

I was invited to try Sabai Thai’s new Saturday brunch and boy did I love it. Warning : This review may be a bit biased as Thai food is my go to comfort food of all time. Who in their right mind could turn down a good spicy thai curry?

Sabai Thai turns into this little thai street market that is full of chitter chatter with soft spa kinda tunes lingering in the background. There are 3 main stations one for starters in the center, the main course buffet section faces the open kitchen setting the perfect backdrop and a large dessert section at the bar.

The food, flavors, set up and ambience are all truly authentic. I love street food but that in a posher setting sometime makes it hassle free and more appealing.



This one joined for brunch and gave everyone cuddles while I ate 😛 Thank you Elizabeth from @QatarandYonder and the beautiful mummy of 3 Yasmin for baby sitting Baby A.


Here’s the pricing for Sabai Thai’s lovely Saturday Brunch.


For any queries on my experience please contact me at


Bon Appetit!

QuestandMark X

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