Heavenly Spa @Westin Doha

Starting this post with the honest truth that I’ve always had crappy skin. Yes, I’ve had to battle out mild acne & break outs pretty much all through my teenage years. Nothing serious just the usual. I presumed the stint would end when I turned 21 but nope, the fight against my teenage raging hormones was meant to continue for many more years to come. Every now and then i’d get a pimple or two that would usually leave a scar and that I got very much used to. Sometime early last year I got pregnant and heard that some women’s skin starts to glow during pregnancy. I knew I wasn’t going to be part of that blessed lot  but nor was I prepared for what hit me.

At the start of my third trimester my skin went absolutely bonkers on me. I broke out so bad that my whole forehead was filled with little pimples. It hurt so much that even washing or wiping by face felt really uncomfortable. I went to a skin specialist but was told that I had to hold off as it was all just hormonal! For pete’s sake I thought how many hormones does one person have to deal with in a lifetime.

As instructed I decided to lay of seeing another doctor or stopped the thought of putting  myself through any facial treatments as being full term pregnant it was practically impossible for me to lay on my back for a whole hour.

2 months after having my little girl I decided my body was in dire need of some TLC. That’s when I booked myself a facial called revive facial at – Heavenly Spa @TheWestinDoha. I was very skeptical at the first sitting as I wasn’t really sure if my serious condition was possible of any help. My therapist called Anna assured me that I would see the difference and that I should trust her given her years of expertise in the field.


She was excellent all through the treatment but when I found out that she wasn’t going to use any instruments to get rid of my pimples and blackheads I was seriously annoyed. Worse she mentioned to me that they are not allowed to use instruments and would only be using 2 pieces of cotton to get rid of them. I felt like I was set up for failure in my attempt to fix my skin problem.

However post treatment I was surprised to see almost all of my pimples and blackheads removed. Anna mentioned that I should give it some time and I would definitely see an improvement. She also explained to me how taking care of our skin is almost like brushing our teeth. Its a simple chore to add to a daily routine that could make all the difference. Agreed, I am terribly guilty of being lazy to use toner and face wash but my daily routine definitely includes using a moisturizer.

Its been a month now since my first appointment and I see a massive improvement. The 2 sittings has made such a huge difference to my once congested skin. I still have scars and marks but guess that will take its own course to fade away. I honestly cannot wait to go back for round 3 next month.

If you suffer from unhealthy or congested skin I would highly recommend this treatment. Its done wonders for me after all these years and I am most certainly one happy customer.

The facilities are amazing. Treatment rooms are large and spacious. If you book a massage  or scrub you could use the shower and bath tub available in the room. Products used are a brand called Aromatherapy that offers mindful beauty. The products are built to enhance ones wellbeing. Currently all products are available at 30 to 40% discount so go ahead and splurge cause its totally worth it.

* Highly recommend asking for therapist Anna. She is kind and gentle and extremely experienced having worked in many reputed spa around the world. 

Questandmark X




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