Bikini Bod Workout

Post Alert! if you follow my blog or my IG account then you’d know by now that I blog about food and travel. You also know that I love cooking and I am constantly dining out in moderation or at least that’s what I think. I’ve mostly live a healthy life but this week I’ve decided to finally get back into proper shape again. Its been 3 months post delivery and having been cleared by my doctor I thought it was about time to add a workout routine to my somewhat already packed day cause god know I have so much time on hands. Ok sarcasm apart!

My intention was initially to join the gym but on second thoughts I decided against it for 3 main reasons:

1 – I start work again soon and after being away from the little one most of the day I’ll have no extra time to go back and forth to a gym.

2 – The gym closest and most convenient to me cost an arm and leg and to be precise that is 545$ / 200 QAR a month for a long term package! Yes that right.

3 – I’ll be traveling a lot in the next coming months so I thought it would be best to start a program that I could take with me any where.

Now I haven’t worked out in almost a year given the pregnancy and post C section delivery  hence I am having to kickstart my rusty old body all over again. Here’s what I decided to eventually go with – A 12 week bikini body routine formulated by a extremly reputed fitness trainer Kayla Itsines. Sadly I am unable to share the actual PDF so i’ll take you through the program week by week, listing out all the exercise routines daily. You could also follow me on Instagram for a daily workout update. You could also sign up to the program by clicking on the hyperlink above.


Like I mentioned earlier I haven’t worked out in forever and so I am having to start the routine with 4 weeks of pre training to prep my body for the intensive 12 week regime.

What you’ll need in case you plan on joining me.

  • Water
  • Sweat towel
  • Skipping rope
  • Music

How it works – Circuit 1 (7 min) break  30 sec – Circuit 2 (7 min)  REPEAT X 2. Cool Down . The whole routine should cost you about 35 to 45 min of your time. 

Here’s Week 1 :

Starting at 55 kilos / waist – 28 cm / hips – 38 cm

Aiming to get at – 52 kilos /  waist – 26 cm / hips – 36 cm


Circuit 1 – 2 x 7 min

Squats – 15 times

Stationary lunges – 24 times

Skipping – 50 times

Knee Ups – 24 times

Circuit 2 – 2 x 7 min

Walking lunges – 24 times

Sumo Squats – 15 times

Step Ups – 24 times (Each side)

Mountain Climbers – 50 times (Each side)

Cool down & stretch

Day 2

35 to 40 min walking / cycling at 6 kmph

Day 3 (ARMS & ABS)

Circuit 1 – 2 x 7 min

Push ups – 15 times

Straight leg raises – 15 times

Toe taps – 15 times

Plank – 30 Sec

Circuit 2 – 2 x 7 min

Lay down push ups (on knees) – 15 times

Straight leg sit ups – 15 times

Tricep dips – 15 times

Ab bikes – 30 times (15 per side)

Day 4

35 to 40 min walking / cycling at 6 kmph

This is where I’ve gotten so far and honestly I am completely broken. If I sit I can’t stand and vise versa. My legs feel like jelly and hurt like hell but there’s one thing I know for sure – No pain No gain. I’ll keep fighting this initial stage until my body is up and running again after which I’m sure the fight will get easier. I intend to update this post every week with a follow up of my body and any changes. Please follow my journey to bikini bod on #Instastories and forgive me in advance if I slack a few times keeping this post up to date.


See ya later guys X


Day 5 

Circuit 1 – 2 x 7 min

Squats – 20 times

Burpees – 10 times

Tricep dips – 20 times

Straight leg sit ups – 15 times ( I use my couch for support as I cannot lift my legs up straight)

Circuit 2 – 2 x 7 min

Toe Tips – 20 times ( I use my couch for support as I cannot lift my legs up straight)

Lay down push ups – 15 times

Step ups – 24 times ( 12 on each)

Mountain climbers – 50 times (25 on each)


I feel much better. My body seems to have stretched out and so I have hope of getting back in shape. Entertaining the lil one and working out isn’t easy but I manage to pull off day 5 of the week 1 🙂

Week 1 – Done 🙂

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