Mahaseel Festival Qatar

The newest of new festivals to hit D-Town is one that is super exciting and extremely impressive. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s on offer at Mahaseel– Doha’s very own farmers market and food lovers paradise.


Little sapling and plants being sold starting at 1QAR each. Also I bought a large bunch of flowers for 30 QAR.

fullsizerender-2fullsizerenderFresh produce from local farms. The prices are ridiculously cheap. I managed to buy veggies that would last me a whole week for 30 QAR. Organic poultry and eggs are also available along with a stall for meat and a few for milk products at subsidized rates. I’ve heard the chicken and duck eggs from @jerrysmeih are amazing. One stall in particular had the most amazing shiitake, oyster & portobello mushrooms sold at stellar prices. I have to go back next week once I’ve planned a special menu.

I also popped into Magical Festival located across the street from Mahaseel. Though It’s yet to open completely it has a few lovely boutiques and stores currently up and running. The food area is packed and you could pretty much find all sorts of fast food for sale. There’s a ton of  different entertainment zones and a lovely play area for kids. Just the perfect space to enjoy the stunning weather and some quality family time over the weekend.


Magical festival will have you scanning your head all around with beautiful street decor.img_5494fullsizerender-4img_5492Syrian woolen jackets/ kaftans @ 350 QAR eachimg_5491Children can keep busy  at the art centre for free while you shop

fullsizerender-6Food / Entertainment Zone

Event Details 

Mahaseel – open until the end of March  2018 – Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 10pm.

Location : Katara Parking Area 05

QuestandMark X

2 thoughts on “Mahaseel Festival Qatar

  1. Just what I needed to read! I’ve been looking for a blog post on this one all weekend. Yours came in just in time.
    I’ll be heading there today…
    Thank you
    Doaa Jabir
    Hungry Birds Doha


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