Bastian – Bandra, Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams has a ton of new quirky and innovative restaurants on the rise. The food scene in India has always been one to talk about however its only in the past 5 years that food has gotten a whole lot more sophisticated. Gone are the shabby looking places dishing out good food and terrible service. With the middle class growing and spending power increasing there’s a natural need for matured well traveled palates to be excited and intrigued and plenty of hungry stomachs to fill.


In the past year I’ve been following a couple of bloggers and social media influencers who keep me up to date with the newbies of Mumbai. As I live in a different country the only way for me to get excited and keep track of a places in Mumbai is via social media. On this trip I decided to visit – Bastian a place that has been making waves in the city has its SM game on!

I had high expectations before I got to the place. Quirky IG saying, fun videos on insta stories they have it all going but does the food match up to all the drama?

My Experience & Thoughts

When I first called for a reservation I was told that the restaurant had two sitting timings one at 8:00 and the other at 10:30. Wow!! I thought, thats a bold move for a city like Mumbai where everyone is always pressed for time and perpetually late. Let me tell you we are the best know around the world for keeping up to our India Standard time. Reservation made we were ready to give it a go. We got there a bit earlier and so got seated at the bar called the drunken clam for some pre drinks before our table was ready for us.


It was great that we got there earlier as the cocktails on offer are just brilliant. The bar is well stocked and its got some good mixologist managing the space. We decided to all get something different and they all tasted great. highly recommend the head hunter for any whiskey fans.




A very extensive menu for a place that prides itself on serving Crab as a speciality or seafood in general. The menu is thoughtful and caters to all sorts of palates and dining preferences. Don’t be afraid to try the place with friends that don’t eat seafood. There’s plenty of options available for both vegetarians or feathered lovers.


So what did we order?

Starters to share –

Animal Prawns 

img_3108-2Shrimp wok tossed with animal sauce and candied peanuts

Tempura vegetables and popcorn grits

crispy assorted vegetables served on popcorn grits with chili and parmesan oil.

Mains to share – 

We opted to order 3 mains from the seafood market menu.

Mud Crab in black pepper sauce 


Although I did really like the dish I did find the proportion of onions to crab a bit off. The dish had a lot f crab in it but was hidden and lost among the rest of the stir fry ingredients.

Fish in moms Singaporean curry

img_3114-2 Rich and creamy quite heavy but tasty.

Lobster in Malaysian Sambal 

img_3118-2Sweet and spicy and just divine

From the main menu

Stir fried lotus root in szechuan chili oil, celery and chinese broccoli

img_3111-2Crispy and crunchy. Every bite was infused with flavour.

Steamed Mantou – Chinese steamed bun/bread


Final review

If you’re a big fan of seafood cooked Indian style I do not recommend this place. If you love experimenting and are willing to treat your palate to some familiar flavours and tastes however prepped differently then head to Bastian. I was personally extremely pleased with the phenomenal service and honesty of over server. He made good suggestions and advised us so that we didn’t over order.

The portions were massive and we landed up packing up leftover food even though we were 6 people sharing 4 mains.

Total damages – 20,000 Rupees 

5 cocktails

2 bottles of wine

2 starters

4 mains

1 Staple

2 bottles of water.


Note* This is not a paid nor a sponsored article. Just a honest girl with a heartfelt honest review. For any queries on my experience please contact me at

Bon Appetit!

QuestandMark X


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