Friday Brunch @ Choices restaurant Oryx Rotana – Doha

Not too long ago sometime at the end of 2016 I was invited to try the brunch at Choices – Oryx Rotana. In true Q&M style I obviously accepted the invite as Oryx Rotana was the first place I ever brunched at in the city. Since then I’ve been back many many times but the last few times was lets just say nothing to talk or write about. It seemed to be just ok.

Having accepted this times invite I was really anxious to see if the Oryx Rotana had upped their brunch game!

As we entered we straight away noticed plenty on new additions to the spread. I was excited and thrilled to finally new something new but had to stay calm until I actually tried them all. We were with Baby A of course as always and hence got seated in a quiter area of the buffet. Thankfully though the Havana Club bar was just short of 2 steps and so that made my hubby really happy. Obviously then the first stop before we commenced lunch was to check out the drinks at the mojito bar that had plenty of flavoured drinks on display. I chose to stick to regular one while the Mr. tried a orange flavoured mojito.



So whats new?

Mussels Mussels Mussels …. A little bit of Belgium makes it to the Choices Brunch. These was light and delicious.

Peking Duck station

Asian lovers here’s your guilty pleasure. These were freshly made and tasted soo…. good!

Dumpling station 

Dumplings galore 🙂

Grilled meat station 

Was better than their usual weekly all steak night. I suggest you stay at the counter though and wait for your meat to be done correctly if you really want it anything from rare to medium rare.


Sushi station

As always this is an absolute must however the new brunch offers a whole new organized sushi corner with a larger spread that was constantly refilled.


The Bar

Now if just this by it self is not a good enough reason to convince you to try Oryx Rotana’s Friday Brunch then I’m not sure what is. Perfect bowl to share 🙂


The rest of the spread was as standard. Salads, meats, pasta station, and massive Indian spread.


SERVICE: Was on point and glasses were always kept topped up. Not once did we have to remind our server for water or other drinks. Out of all the brunches I’ve been to this has been a consistent practice at Choices. The staff are friendly, on their feet and constantly making sure tables are attended to.


ENTERTAINMENT: A wonderful live band is right at the entrance making sure guests are welcomed with lovely tunes through the afternoon. They even take requests if you fancy anything in particular. Also another new lovely addition is the Photo Booth stocked with all sorts of fun props to make the afternoon truly memorable. Kids are kept entertained at the kids zone that has a bouncing castle. I also saw staff handing out big cuddly soft toys to a few little ones and thought that was such a unique and great way to keep kids happy. After all happy kids = relaxed parents = Great Brunch 🙂


Final verdict: I think its a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion. Long tables and very attentive staff make the whole experience true delight.

Damages – 270 QAR For package with soft drinks & 350 QAR For the all inclusive alcohol package.

Bon Appetit!

QuestandMark X

img_2478Note* This is a sponsored article. However my views are un biased. Just a honest girl with a heartfelt honest review. For any queries on my experience please contact me at

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