The brunch that turned me into a dumpling….

Anyone that knows me… knows that I am a sucker for asian food and for those that are the closest to me know that dumplings make all my dark days brighter 😛  So guess who went crazy when they heard of Nozomi’s Kodzotsumi brunch that started 5th Nov 2016  :P. Yes thats right, me! I was scrolling Facebook when the Manager of Nozomi tried an impromptu competition that was interesting but moreover a real fun way of marketing the new saturday brunch. He posted that the first 10 callers that rang the restaurant and said – Kodzotsumi pronouncing the word in the right way would be invited to the first dumpling brunch this city was to see. I itched to pick up my phone and dial the no but sadly I was 38 weeks pregnant with my due date coinciding with the official brunch date and quite looked like an oversized dumpling myself.


With a new born at hand brunch was out of the question for a few months. But when December came and the baby handling got a bit easier I booked us a table right away to celebrate Christmas in Qatar – Asian style! Now that’s such an expat thing to do, isn’t it?

We got there right on time for our reservation and the restaurant was moderately packed. We were seated at a wonderful table by the large window which offered great views of the beach and the hotel as well as perfect natural light for pictures. I am not sure they knew I was reviewing but they definitely scored some brownie points right there making me one happy food blogger 🙂

We got handed over a menu which had 4 pages with all the different dumplings on offer. I was confused cause I honestly thought I was meant to pick one of the options between vegetarian, seafood, meat or sweet/ dessert until our server pointed out that they were all included in the package and were unlimited for 120 QAR per person. But wait, It gets better! water and soft drinks are also included. This was proving to be an offer you just couldn’t refuse.

After a brief conversation and unable to decide what to start with we left it to our server to bring us an assortment of dumplings in every round. All she said to us was “let me know what you like and I’ll have more brought to your table”.

Here’s the list of never ending dumpling and my absolute favorites:

img_3726Kamo Nikkuman 

d013d0d5-10a5-4591-a43f-da16c8799553Kobe Nikkuman

img_3725Kani Wonton & Black cod



img_2634Prawn and Scallop with ginger & spring onion

img_3727Gyoza Roma – Biggest disappointment and an absolutely unnecessary dumpling on the menu. We disliked it so much that half a bite and we unanimously agreed to not have any more of it.

img_2652Ebi pepper & Curry dumplings were delicious 😛 

img_2653White and milk chocolate parcels in orange dipping sauce were soon…. good!

img_2650Cinnamon apple & Pear dumpling in warm dipping sauce – The perfect winer dessert

f3f606a2-77c3-415b-9576-c2db786e0993Fried yogurt balls in cream and pistachio – A little too rich for liking and I couldn’t eat more than one.


I cannot stress how much of a great and perfect Saturday brunch this is. The dumplings were fresh, moist and stuffed with just the right amount of filling. The unlimited quantity makes it even better as everyone gets to eat as much as they can at a pace of their own.  The courses were spaced out and we were not once rushed to finish our meals left at the table. What I also appreciated is that water was topped up in time and we weren’t disturbed during our conversations as that is something I get annoyed about far to often.  We shared 2 bottles of wine among 4 people and paid a total of 285 QAR per person. I’m currently writing this post anxiously waiting to get back to Qatar as I have serious cravings right now and I think its time to plan another trip back this coming Saturday 🙂 #CantWaittoturnintoadumpling

Bon Appetito!

QuestandMark X


Note* This is not a paid nor a sponsored article. Just a honest girl with a heartfelt honest review. For any queries on my experience please contact me at

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