Mercato Antico @Souq Al Wakra

I often try and hunt down restaurants that are new or that haven’t been explored too much yet. Last year on one early winter day my husband and I decided to get our lazy butts off the couch and get exploring. We headed to Souq Al Wakra which is really close to where we live. We strolled around the alley ways looking for a new place to dine and found plenty. After some deliberation we chose to Mercato Antico – an Italian restaurant located at the end or start of the Souq depending which side you entered from 🙂


Burrito Salad : I loved the sweet and tangy strawberry dressing and the non traditional way of plating. The salad was fresh and crisp and the Burrata was delicious and creamy.


Lasanga Poppers – Was hearty and meaty. Lacked a bit of flavour and salt but was a decent dish over all.


Pumpkin Triangoli : Loved loved loved this pasta dish. I’ve never eated a pumpkin filled pasta and so I ordered myself this usual dish. The sauce was yummy and the triangoli’s packed with creamy pumpkin. The sweet burnt butter gave the dish a light little sophisticated twist. The portioning could have been more for the price.


Pesto Chicken Pizza : Another combination I’d never tried. The pizza dough was thin and crispy but overall and average dish.


Lovely open kitchen.



Our experience at – MERCATO ANTICO had a couple of hits and misses. The restaurant is beautifully done but misses ambience. Large chalk boards on the walls have potential but instead have unevenly written menu specials. More attention needs to be given to details. The food was good but pricing is a bit off as all pasta both vegetarian and the ones containing meat are priced at a standard 64 QAR.  I have to point out that service was impeccable and the staff serving us was extremely helpful.


Doha has seen a ton of new Italian places open in the past year. The competition is getting steep and this has only increased expectation. I sincerely hope new places live up to the mark and the tried and tested good ole ones keep up to the game.

I would definitely recommend dining at Mercato Antico for their lovely pasta’s but don’t keep your hopes to high. Its a good place for decent Italian in a nice quite surrounding. Also a walk at the Souq makes the experience a bit more worthwhile.

Bon Appetito!

QuestandMark X

Note* This is not a paid nor a sponsored article. Just a honest girl with a heartfelt honest review. For any queries on my experience please contact me at



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