Chi Spa @ Shangri-la , Oman

Long gone are the days I pampered myself with a rejuvenating massage every month. Almost a decade ago when I was a flight attendant, my body used to be constantly bruised and abused on a daily basis thanks to jet lag, sleepless nights, heavy aircraft equipment and uncomfortable beds around the world. Then I quit and all of a sudden my back aches and pains were gone. I felt human again and slowly got out of the habit of getting a massage. Now, enter motherhood and I have the same feeling all over again. Its been months I slept more that 3 hours straight and I’ve been carrying my little pumpkin around who keeps getting heavier by the day.

Recently while on our first family vacation my darling husband surprised me with a full blown spa treatment. I was told it was just another push present that I very well deserved. With baby on daddy’s watch I walked into the spa with strict instructions to enjoy myself, relax and take as much time as possible to unwind. Well then I thought…I must take full advantage of this opportunity and so I did.

I got dropped off at the spa with kisses and hugs from my 2 lovelies only to enter complete bliss!


Chi Spa is a secluded spa located in a little oasis off the main beach of the hotel. As I entered this little piece of heaven I was greeted with a warm and sweet smile confirming I was there way before my actual appointment time. I was then asked to fill up a health card addressing all my body aches and was given 3 choices of oil to pick from.I picked the spice and floral one for my 60 min. Vitality massage as it resonated with me right away and smelt simply divine.


I was then escorted to the changing area and was given a tour of the jacuzzi, steam and sauna facilitates. Luckily for me there were no other appointments at the time and so I had all of the facilities for my private use.


About half hour into enjoying my chill time pretty much right about the time of my appointment my masseuse came in to fetch me and walked me to the massage room which was situated in a separate villa. CHI Spa I was told has 15 villas offering a no. of pampering outlets such as the Water Oasis, featuring a vitality hydro pool, a steam room, tundra and tropical showers, an ice fountain and a relaxation area.

The massage room that I was taken to was massive and had an indoor private jacuzzi & an outdoor shower to use for anyone that came in for a scrub. The room was perfectly lit with most subtle indian mantras playing in the background. I was offered tea to relax after which the massage commenced. The vitality massage was just heavenly and though trying to unwind with a little infant on my mind did take me a while I eventually got there. From there on, it was pretty much….Me – Myself & I drowning in my thoughts. I enjoyed every bit of the massage. The tranquility of it all got my creative juices flowing about a very special project i’ve been working on which is just what I needed.

Post my massage I was taken to the relaxation room that had a variety of tea with dry fruits on offer. I chose a lovely hibiscus tea and sat in solemn for a while breathing in all the good vibes the place exuberated. With every sip I took I thought of how fortunate and blessed I was to have a wonderfully caring husband and an adorable baby. I thoroughly enjoyed myself there but it was about time to get back to reality to – mummy duties.


Chi Spa 

In traditional Chinese philosophy, ch’i or “Qi” is the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality. For good health to be maintained, it is believed that ch’i must flow freely within the body. Movement is said to be a key element in releasing blockages and this Body massage did just that for me. What a lovely way to move forward in life. I have vowed to pamper my body more often and treat it as a temple of well being and happiness. After all I need this house to stay fit, clean and happy to enjoy and live to the fullest every single day with my little one.

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