Organic Fast Food @Fahad & Abadi

Personally for me since finding out I was pregnant at the start of this year I’ve become an advocate of eating healthy & clean. Mind you I never did have bad eating habits earlier but I just didn’t quite pay much attention to what I fed my body. That said I do however never compromise on the flavors and taste of anything I eat. Honestly I am all for ones well being and health but please, don’t serve me insipid tasteless crap. The other extreme  in me I think occasionally needs and craves fast food. All I want some days is a good nutritious healthy fast food option that will save me the trouble of cooking up  a whole meal. Combine the two and it’s almost impossible to find a perfect mix.

Enter the hail almighty of all things pretty darn delicious – Instagram. Just as every other foodie out there I confess to spending few hours of my day starring, liking, and yearning for all those delicious and mouthwatering dishes on Instagram. Last week on one such occasion I happened to stumble upon an account called @FahadandAbadi. The bio read –  Gourmet Healthy Fast Food in Qatar. Intriguing, had I finally hit jackpot?  How is it possible to achieve all of the above in a country like Qatar? I had to get to bottom of it and so the research began.

For one I think its safe to say that ones character is best know by the company one keeps. Just by scrolling down on their IG page I clearly noticed the health consciousness of the brand and so I say kudos to F&A for having participated in most of the cities health promoting initiatives. Instead of just ordering in I decided to get in touch with the brand representatives over IG. I then decided to head down to the restaurant dragging the hubby and the lil one along to meet with Abadi of Fahad and Abadi. I needed to know more and had to try the food of course. For starters the restaurant is tucked away far past Villagio in Muaither. I wondered why a location that far was opted for and how was a place like this surviving but only until I got there. It was lunch time, the orders were pouring in and a line of cars were parked outside waiting for delivery. Clearly more people were health conscious in this country than I had imagined.

Location & Restaurant 


How to get there?

The restaurant is tiny and can accommodate only 3 people on high chairs. Most of the space is occupied by the open kitchen that gives the customers a view of exactly what’s going into their meals. I especially loved this fact as I’m strong defender of brand transparency and appreciate when customers expectations are met.

Well now for the food itself. I tried the Queen Burger which is a brand new special and a patriotic addition to the menu created specially for the upcoming Qatar National Day.  Yes! the Burger bread is burgundy red in colour but contains no artificial coloring. The ingredients used to make it are just oat flour and all natural tomato extract / water. I was also told by Abadi that the breads are locally baked in a special F&A kitchen and none of them contain any sugar or water and id gluten free. The breads we tried were fluffy, fresh, light and flavorful. My husband opted for the Lion Temper burger (Beef Burger mixed with Mozzarella, signature freak sauce, red onion, pickles, lettuce & tomato) with Zataar bun that was also super delicious. All sandwiches/ dogs & burgers are sold as meals and comes with delicious fries that are made using light healthy oil and a soft drink or water. You could of course skip the fries if you’re really counting the calories. Not sure these are as healthy after all even though they are cooked in healthier lighter oil.


Since we had driven far away for this meal which kind of helped us build an appetite we also ordered a Brazilian hot dog (Hot dog in a spilt roll, pico de gallo, corn,grated parmesan, shredded carrots, diced ham,cilantro & shoestring fries) and a Mexican Chicken Sandwich (Chicken, Red & Green pepper, Jalapeño). Both were really good and had lovely fresh ingredients in it. The organic meat is flown in from the states and has a shelf life of max 7 days. All meat items are on the menu are hence ordered and shipped on a weekly basis to maintain quality standard and freshness which we could tell with every bite. To stay hydrated and refreshed we both ordered the Avocado juice. It was freshly made giving it a nice vibrant green appetizing colour.


Although the restaurant is situauted far away from downtown Doha, Fahad & Abadi deliver all over the city. The delivery time to the Pearl on a weekday is estimated to take an hour and weekends I suggest you give it a few more hours or order from somewhere else closer. A few more branches are due to open in the near future, one in Kidzania and the other in Lusail.

Fahad & Abadi have their own nutritionist and also offer diet plans to help lose weight or  simply maintain a heathy lifestyle without having to give up on good food that taste delicious.

Final Verdict: The food was just great and didn’t leave me feeling stuffed nor guilty. I think this place is a great addition to Doha’s take out and fast-food scene. Grabbing a quick meal doesn’t have to always be an unhealthy choice or option. F&A prove that it is possible to eat fresh, nutritious and delicious food at competitive prices that do not drill a whole in your daily budget or pocket.

Total Damage : 128 QAR / 2 persons

2 Avocado Juice (one medium + one large) = 14+19 = 32

2 Burgers = 48

1 hot dog = 24

1 sandwich = 24

  • Also newly introduced pasta options are not available on the main menu however  options can be found on IG.
Note *  Watchout for F&A will be handing out a 1000 Queen Burgers at the Cornish on Qatar National Day. If you happen to be in luck you could grab one yourself, If not I recommend you try ordering in through Zomato.

Bon Appetit!

QuestandMark X

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