Give Thanks

Let me start by saying that I remember the days I prayed for the life I live now. I have tons to be thankful for just as all of us do. This year has been a special one for me as by now most of you may already know that I had a little baby girl over a month ago and embarked into motherhood for which I’d say I am most thankful for. I am also just thankful for the little things, the everyday pleasures, the small treasures that make my life beautiful. I know, the true story behind a traditional American thanksgiving maybe controversial but I am just happy to have a day to be happy for all the good things I’ve been blessed with in this lifetime. For example, a friend who I’ve know for 10 years and who has only brought happiness and joy into my life simply by just being the person he is. He decided to recently move to greener pastures and so I thought what better way to celebrate him than to throw him a Thanksgiving themed farewell dinner.

With the right intention in place moved forward into planning mode. I simply needed to sort out the task of making dinner for 8 people 😛 Just when the bright one inside me decided to theme it a potluck dinner sparing myself the trouble of being stuck in the kitchen all day in between nursing and taking care of a month old infant. However just as I was about to text the gang I scrolled down my Facebook feed (always a distraction) to find a massive beautiful turkey staring right back at me. It was sign!!! I knew it was… it had to be!  That or google targeting had now expanded its business into reading minds.

In a second my plans had taken a whole new turn and I found myself clicking on the Shop Now box to order a gorgeous big bird for dinner from the Marriott Marquis Hotel Doha.

Fast forward 3 days later, the turkey had arrived but let me tell you it wasn’t without some hassle. The online order form for one didn’t work and so I had to call the hotel. The staff politely took my order but when I asked if I could make the payment online I was told that wouldn’t be possible and that I had to make the payment in advance in person or else there wasn’t going to be a Turkey 😦 – A little short sighted according to me for a hotel to advertise Shop Now and then not give the customer the option to make a payment online. Anyway feed back was given to the hotel and I’m hoping if and when any of you and I order a Turkey next year the staff would have sorted the payment system out for a much better customer experience.

Now for the great parts about the order – I have to point out that though the booking and payment process was very disappointing the meal itself was simply delicious. What was also impressive was the delivery (we had to pick it up ourselves but it was ready in time) the packaging, the flavor and portioning of items ordered. The turkey was moist and tender on the inside and had a beautiful crispy skin.


Here’s my order form. The bill was total of 615 QAR for a whole Turkey with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce + 3 sides.

The meal came in pipping hot in thermal boxes. The turkey was very well packed and so were the sides each in a plastic box.


For an easy table set up – I used a few ferns and fillers from a flower vase I already had at home. I tied a string with name tags and voila 🙂 my table was all set up and I was ready to host.

I would definitely recommend ordering this moist and delicious turkey to go from the Marriott Marquis. Note it was good for 8 people in total. Not sure how large the bird actually was as an estimated weight of 4 to 5.5 kgs was given at the time of order. The stuffing and sides were just enough too and trust me these bunch of boys were seriously hungry after a long day at work.

After a very successful dinner party I can’t wait to host another one next year.  Again there’s so much to be grateful for that if I had to list it all down I’d need a whole year to do so. I am a strong believer of a family that eats together stays together and whats most important is to have all your loved one around the table. Happy Late Thanksgiving ya’ll 🙂 I hope you all had a lovely one with you closest and dearest ones too. Never too late to give thanks.


Bon Appetit!

QuestandMark X

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