Yee Hwa – Korean Restaurant

I’ve never really been to Korea but if there’s one thing I know for sure that is – that I absolutely love Korean food. The spice, the different textures of ingredients, the freshness and the experience of bbq’ing your own meat makes the Korean dining experience a very pleasurable one.

One of my favourite places to get a quick Korean fix here in Doha is the popular Yee Hwa Restaurant located in the Al Nasr area.  Thankfully my husband shares the similar feeling about Korean food and so we decided to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary with a yummy DIY Korean bbq lunch. I cannot stress enough about how good the food was. The proof is in the pictures!

fullsizerenderTTUKBAEGI BULGOGI – Marinated beef w/sautéed vegetables served in a clay pot

fullsizerender-2PRAWN TEMPURA (They also do a few Japanese dishes)

img_0867KAL BEE (Marinated beef spare ribs) & WOO SAM GYUB (Marinated thinly sliced beef)

fullsizerender-4Specials on offer


Take advantage of the October offer by checking in on Facebook to enjoy a 15% discount.

I hope you enjoy dining at Yee Hwa as much as we usually do.

Full Menu



Bon Appetite!


QuestandMark X


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