Desi – Afternoon Tea @ The Westin Doha

In celebration of the Indian Festival – Diwali  better know as “the festival of lights” that falls this year on the 30th of October, The Westin Doha has introduced a Special Indian Afternoon Tea being served all of this month. If any of you are craving Indian Chaat head to Luxe Lounge @TheWestin before the 5th of November.


This desi afternoon tea is the answer to any expat indian’s cry for CHAAT. Chaat is a snack that is eaten at tea time. The variety of snack offered at luxe lounge is just perfect. Its got all the quentisential stuff.

  • Onion bajiyas which are –  Deep fried sliced onions in spiced gram flour batter.
  • Pav Bhaji – Potato & veg mash with pav ( kind of bun bread)
  • Paneer rolls – Cottage cheese wrapped in a light flatbread
  • Chicken Tikka rolls – Marinated pieces of succulent chicken wrapped in a light flatbread
  • Samosa’s with spicy chilli & corriander chutney  (Loved these)
  • Sev Puri – Crispy fried bread served with onion and potato topping with small crunchy fried noodles made of chickpea flour.
  • Falooda – A cold milkshake kind dessert made with vermicille, Rose syrup, psyllium and milk.
  • Nankaties – Indian cookies

Served with a choice of tea or coffee that includes Masala Chai 😛 yummy ( Spiced tea)

Price : 140 QAR for 2 people. Served from 2 to 5 pm ( a prior 24 hr reservation is recommended however I walked in and though it took about 20 min to be prepped up it was served out)

*You can also use your 241 entertainer voucher. 

Happy Diwali! –

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