Comfy Dining in Doha

Not sure about you guys, but for me there are 3 types of cuisine, namely Indian / Asian (could be anything Chinese to Thai to Vietnamese) & Italian that instantly put me in a warm, fuzzy and comfortable mood. I find myself craving for these quite a few times and so its always handy to find a quick fix kinda place.  This month, I found 3 such restaurants that hit the spot and most importantly didn’t cost me an arm and leg.

Here are September’s cheap eats:

Kababs and Kurries @ 01 Mall, Abu Hammour ( Indian )

Being Indian it is honestly heart breaking to eat indian food that doesn’t live up to my standards. The newly opened Kabab and Kurries was a pleasant surprise and come pretty close to the food back home. I do not recommend the biryani though as the dish itself is supposed to taste as a marriage of flavors and where spices, meat and rice come together. This was the only dish that was a let down. The breads are amazing, special the mint laccha paratha.


3 starters / 4 drinks / 3 mains + an assorted bread basket + 1 bottle of water = 400 QAR for 4 people. 

Three Peppers on Airport Road  ( Chinese )

Tucked between a bunch of car repair shops is teeny weeny Chinese restaurant – Three Peppers. I am not sure why I only found this place last month but now I know what I’ve missed out on for the past 10 years! If you love dumplings then this place is you paradise.

Recommendations : Pan fried beef dumplings ( don’t forget to ask for the chilli sauce)

Potato pancake with minced beef.


1 plate dumplings + 2 mains + rice and 2 bottles of water = 120 QAR for 2 people. Carry cash as they don’t accept cards. 

Nonna Zanon @ Westbay – Residence Tower  ( Italian )

This has to be one of the best Italian restaurant in the city. The food is authentic and you can tell its cooked with loved. Big portions of well cooked dishes to me imply the Italian chef’s LOVE for his food, a big heart and the fact that he stays true to the restaurants name.


A complementary palate pleaser was offered as always. 1 starter + 2 pizza’s +  2 drinks + we got sent free dessert ( perks of being pregnant  I guess) = 180 QAR for 2 people. 

I highly recommend the baked provolone cheese 

These are September’s finds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Cant wait to explore more… Can we just roll out October already!

Bon Appetite!

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