Where to Eat – Washington

A 4 day trip to Washington guarantees a walk down the political and historical lane but don’t be fooled by the structural seriousness of this city. It has in the past few years put its mark on the dining scene which has now become an integral part of the city and reasons to visit Washington. Sold on this new hip foodie destination I travelled to DC last month in the midsts of the start of a scorching summer ready to drain my brain at the numerous museums and fill my ever so pregnant growing belly with some delicious local delectables.

Places to eat at – DC

Union Market 

Is a place where good food and great minds come together. Its hip and happening and on a bright sunny day sit out, snack from the numerous stalls and quench that thirst with some local brews. (Location – Union Market District)





Coz who wouldn’t want coffee and gelato after a big fat meal? This Gelato place makes all its ice cream with fresh local ingredients. With 7 outlets around the city there’s no way you could miss eating one of these. (Location – Union Market District)


Teds Bulletin

Is your friendly neighbour that cooks up the perfect breakfast. Portions are massive but with a jet lag appetite crunching breakfast and lunch into one meal before museum hoping this made a pretty good meal for a pregnant mama. The restaurant confectionary section is beautiful and everything looks delicious. – (Location – Capitol Hill)

FullSizeRender 10


Bullfrog Bagels

Breakfast bagels make the best takeaway. Easy and wholesome bullfrog bagels located on H street NE Washington was also recommended to us by our air bnb hosts. – (Location – Capitol Hill)



All the hop loving people head straight to Churchkey for some serious brew tasting. This upper level of barley heaven served 555 beers of which 50 of them are available on TAP. Food served was delicious a little sweet for most of my liking but if you’re palate is in for an adventure then you’re at the right place. (Location – Logan Square)

FullSizeRender 12



Craving seafood, waterfront views and great atmosphere then head to Sequoia. This multi level terrace restaurant has not only some great food to offer but also stunning potomac views. (Location – GorgeTown)

FullSizeRender 11


Toki Underground

So kitschy it will take you transept you straight out to Japan with its one flight of stairs. Beautiful dumplings and Ramen served in gigantic bowls that’s good for 2 persons. Its small, busy and always packed so either book ahead or make a reservation and head over for drinks close by until its your turn. The kitchen is tiny but makes for a  great view as there’s lots of drama to watch 🙂 (Location – Capitol Hill)

FullSizeRender 9

Food Truck Fiesta

A real time automated DC food truck app that should be on every foodies phone. Download the app for a 1$ to catch some street food action. All food trucks open around 8 or 9 am and close by 2:30 as that’s when city parking permits end for vendors. So make sure you catch your favourite or most wanted restaurant on wheels early.

And now for a few other great recommendations by my friendly foodie friend @Boulangerry

Ocopa Kitchen – Peruvian (Location – H street NE)

Rose’s Luxury – Modern American Tapas (Location – Barrack’s Row)

Montmarte – Classical French Bistro (Location – Eastern Market, Capitol Hill)

Ambar – Balkan (Location – Barrack’s Row)

Minted Place – Modern American (Location – Adam’s Morgan)

Rasika – Indian Fusion (Location – NW Washington)

DGS Deli – Jewish Sandwiches (Location – NW Washington)

While I was scouting for the best food in town I even found the perfect place for me to live in the city ! Maybe time to move?

Bon Appetite – DC

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