Top 5 things to do in – Minneapolis

Minneapolis – known as one of the twin cities and probably most famous as the hometown of American singer, songwriter and flamboyant actor, Prince. The city lies on both banks of the Mississippi River and has 20 odd lakes and wetlands. These just a few things I knew before my sister declared that she and her then finance now husband were to marry in this city.

I’d never dreamed of ever making it to the Minneapolis my whole life and then few weeks ago as life had it planned I arrived in the city with my big fat Indian family to make some amazing memories I know i’ll cherish for the rest of my life. So while on a week’s trip to this lovely city that I so wish I had more time to explore I fell in love with tons of places, stores and local leisure activities and hence here’s a list of my absolute favourites and must do’s while in Minneapolis.

No 1 : Lake Minnetonka

A day on a boat on lake Minnetonka is a must do activities If you wanna live like a local and experience the Minnesotan life or at least the life the locals live in the summer of course. The name “Minnetonka” is derived from the Dakota language meaning “big water.”  Lake Minnetonka is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the city and It’s located about 20 minutes west of Minneapolis.  It is a large lake with 125 miles of shoreline however know that it is not one big round lake but is made up of many bays and peninsulas.  There are many islands too in the lake. As you may know, Lake Minnetonka played an important role in the movie Purple Rain, starring Minnesota-born performer, Prince. Believe it or not – In winter, ice fishermen will drive out to fishing holes on the lake.  Totally scary thought for me coming from a desert but totally true!

Book your pontoon through –

No 2 : Shop at 50th and France & Xerxes Avenue

The attractive 50th and France shopping district, centered on the intersection of 50th Street and France Avenue, is packed with upscale independent stores, restaurants and bars.

The intersection at Xerxes avenue south – is somewhat my kinda heaven. It has vintage stores in all directions and if only I could ship a container back to Qatar I would have swiped half of the stores i visited. I however settled for my baby girls first pair of shoes from a vintage store called Clarabel – My most favourite one on the street though has to be Hunt & Gather – They even serve wine and soft drinks to guest as they shop. This is exactly where one mans trash become another man’s treasure. I could honestly spend hours in there and never get bored.

FullSizeRender 2


No 3 : Explore Craft Beers

With all that water contained within this city you bet the Minnesotans have figured their way around brewing some top notch beers. You can stroll or cycle between neighborhoods to taste some delicious crafty quirky barrel-aged sours at Indeed, smoked Baltic porter infused with maple and black pepper at Fair State, aquavit barrel-aged Belgian strong ale at Dangerous Man – and the award winning brews at Bauhaus brew labs


No 4 : Buy fresh bread at Great Harvest 

This is the best damn bread i’ve eaten in a while. If you love spice then try the jalapeño & pepperoni bread which is to die for! This is how I feel – 🙂  –

IMG_9395 2

No. 5 : Have a BBQ and buy your meat from – Clancey’s

Farm fresh meat that is just so deliciously fresh. It’s your one stop shop for the best meat and sustainable seafood.

*A few more food recommendations and the wedding couples favorites.

Borough – Check out Parlour Bar just below the restaurant before or after dinner for a cocktail.

112 Eatery – Contemporary American cuisine.

Pizza Luce – For any late night cravings.

Brit’s Pub – Great spot for a drink and lawn bowling.

 First Ave – For the adventurous catch some live music at the venue Prince made famous.

Well you could also just go to the famous Mall of America and spend a whole day shopping I’d say leave that for if you visit during the gruesome winters. But if the weather’s good why waste a day indoors? Walk around a lake , picnic in the park or hire a bike to ride around any one of them lakes that you’re close to. If that doesn’t do it and you happen to be in a crappy mood and need something to lift your spirit then drive to Convention Grill to get your self a big fat Malte Milk. Its the yummiest thing in the world – a mix of milk and ice-cream that will help you put life back in the right gear –


To end reliving the wonderful time spent in this gorgeous city i’d like to share a picture of the stunning couple that gave us a reason to see a whole new side to the US of A! I can only wish they permanently move their lives from fast paced NYC to this quaint and homely city so I could visit and explore more of the twin cities. Lets just hope that happens sooner than later shall we 🙂

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Happy Travels & Exploring


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