Teriyaki Salmon

Ask any travelers opinion of airline food and most would agree that almost all airline food taste bad! No matter what it is, it just seems to taste undeniably worse than its earthly counterpart. However this basic fact does not apply to Qatar Airways and specially not to the food served up in Business class. Having worked as a Cabin Attendant for a few years I can swear by some of the meals served at 40,000 ft.

One such meal that still has me craving for it every now and then even after years of quitting my sky office is a simple version of a Teriyaki Salmon.

Here’s how I make my mine to fulfill those cravings. It super easy and never fails to deliver.

Ingredients : 

500 gms Salmon or 2 pieces

1 inch – Sliced Ginger

3 to 4 – Garlic Cloves chopped

2 tbsp – Honey

1 tbsp – Sesame Oil

4 tbsp – Mild Sweet soy sauce

1 dried red chilli

Pinch of salt

FullSizeRender 21


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and leave to marinate for 10 to 15 min.

Heat an skillet and had oil

Sear the fish on both sides and remove in a minute.

Drain all of the marinade into the pan. stir until the sauce has reduced. Put the fish back in and cook for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish.

Serve with steamed Bok Choy & Jasmine steamed rice.

Bon Appetite X

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