Boston’s @ City Centre Rotana – Doha

For a country gearing up to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world I’d say no amount of sports bars will be enough to entertain, hydrate and feed the football frenzied fans,spectators and enthusiasts. Agree?

Adding to this vision is a no of new 5 star properties opening its doors to the city. One hangout that fits this bill is the newly opened – Boston’s at The Rotana City Centre, Doha. I was invited for the media launch and as always was extremely happy to be one of the first to view the place and declare my judgement.

FullSizeRender 6

Greeted by a well spoken and an enthusiastic staff member, I was escorted up to the bar with a brief elevator introduction to the hotels facilities. I was asked to drop my business card in a lucky draw pot for which the prize was to be a gym membership at the hotel, something I quite desperately need actually given all the food tasting I’ve been indulging in around town

Well so for first impressions:


The nice funky sofa at the entrance is quite the eye catcher and sets the mood for a sport bar. The place has a decent size hallway with seating including bar stools facing the wall  and large screens to view a game at every possible angle. A large square bar sits in the centre of the place for a theatrical display. To the right of the bar is a large smoking area hidden behind humongous red velvet curtains. The artwork on the wall inside is quite cool with pub sayings and a keep calm and dart sign that adds to the chill out vibe. Along with the energy of a sports bar Boston’s also offers a hint of the american revolution for the sport loving history buffs.

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 4


Being launch night we were offered bite size pass arounds that were quite delicious. Not sure what the real portions are however I’m quite certain it would be good value for money going by the prices on the menu card.

The mini beef burgers were absolutely yummy as I remember gobbling down a few. One very important dish on any sport bar menu is chicken wings!!! I honestly believe that no game night is complete with a plate of wings and mama mia did the ones being served stand out? Yes they sure did! The mini fish tacos passed around were great too.

And finally talking about the real thing…


The sport and the sport of drinking both collide with just the right amount of testosterone  in the air. The bar offers a variety of beers and other alcoholic beverages. The best deals offered are:

The DAILY happy hour from 5 to 8pm and from 11 pm to 12:30 pm at 40% discount on full price.

Mad Men Sundays is perfect for a boys night out. Men get a discount on beer! now just what more could the hidden Homer Simpson in every man ever want?

Final Verdict: 

I would definitely consider going back for a few after work drinks and quick dinner. Boston ‘s offers a chill out space with no fuss attached. It exactly what this city needs and is the kind of place I like to hang out at after a long days work.

For menu and pricing refer to online food guide :

Bon Appetite & Cheers!

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