The Chefs Garden

Healthy food may be a rare offering in the desert but thanks to Al Safwa farms, Qatar now has its an organic farm thats brings clean, healthy, natural and locally grown produce straight from its farm to the table of Doha’s residents.

For those of you looking to eat healthy home grown organic food,The Chefs Garden is your oasis!

The Chefs Garden located at Marwan Club sources most of it produce from Al Safwa farms and uses products in season to make sure it stays true to the organic eating of farm to table concept. And so when you order your meal at the Chefs Garden you are guaranteed to get served 70% of locally produced products. Not convinced? Here are some facts about Al Safwa organic farm run by the Al Kawari family. Read more about the great work they do to encourage local residents adopt the concept of eating delicious, healthy and sustainably grown produce.


The farm strictly prohibits the use of Artificial chemical fertilizers. Farmers develop a healthy soil by growing and rotating a variety of produce through the year and add organic compost or manure along with the use of clover to fix nitrogen content from the atmosphere. Pesticides are completely restricted and wildlife is encouraged to help control pest and diseases. Routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers is also banned.

Al Safwa farms is subject to regular spot checks and reviewing. It boasts of an international certification and vouches that all genetically modified crops and ingredients are completely banned on the farm.

If you’re still not convinced then go try it for yourself 🙂 and while you’re there ask for a tour of The Chefs own little garden.




FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 5Artichoke salad

12540905_10153903173413656_3937074491489743830_nSalmon and gnocchi

12553061_10153903173498656_8906928505305745704_nFilet Mignon

FullSizeRender 4Dessert Galore


Lastly this is my little natures basket I received from a blogging event at hosted at the Chefs Garden. Stay tuned for what comes out my kitchen this week with all the beautiful fresh produce in this basket.


For more information head over to

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