Hakkasan – Doha

Hakkasan Doha situated at the prestigious St. Regis Hotel needs little or no introduction to any one that enjoys good food or finds comfort in a steamy dim sum, a hot stir fry and simple clear soup.


Being one of the few delectable contemporary Chinese restaurants in the city it is but obvious, if you’re looking to bring in the Chinese calendar in style then a reservation for a special Signature New Year menu is in order.

Here’s my full review of the extensive and sumptuous meal we were awarded with over the weekend.

For starters we were greeted by 3 pretty hostesses of whom one informed us of the newly renovated private dining rooms that have reopened its doors to all guest as an additional external terrace/bar. Upon our approval and enthusiasm to see the new space we were guided to the area and offered our pre ordered set menu cocktail named 9 Hou.

IMG_66469 hou we were told means 9 elements and signifies the year of the monkey which is the 9th zodiac sign of 12 animals each in a cycle of 12 years. And so a happy hanging monkey on a sleek cocktail glass is fitting to start the Chinese calendar of 2016.

Half way through sipping our delicious 3yrs havana club rum mixed with sherry, banana, guava, lime, agave spirit and walnut we were informed that our table was ready for the much awaited feasting to begin.


First came the double boiled ginseng and chicken soup with bamboo pith and wolf berry that was like a short but meaningful story from chicken soup for the soul. Hot steamy and comforting in just the right amount. Of course then there was the ginseng that eased all our senses prepping us for round 2.


Second course was small eats, consisting an assortment of Hakkasan’s famed dim sums along with diced wagyu beef and pine nut in golden cups. The dim sums were moist and perfectly gooey and served with 3 different sauces. A clear favorite of the night for me was the special additional duck and yam bean dumpling that left my tastebuds longing for more.


First two courses down and a marathon water break later we were on to the mains. All dishes were served out together with exquisite presentation leaving us with a mouth watering symphony of aromas to adjust to. Wok fried lobster in spicy truffle sauce resonates the essence of the restaurant and the significance of the occasion. Opulent bold strong and a great way to start the year.

Pipa duck one of the restaurants bestsellers also available on the regular menu is always a mouthful of delight. Other wise known as the poor mans Peking duck the slices served out are few but bountiful in both taste and flavor. Drizzled with hoisin sauce the texture of flavors transform from sweet to salty to crispy then meaty all in just one bite.

Pipa duck

Stir fried hericicum mushrooms better know to the Chinese as the monkey mushroom because of its appearance that resembles its fur, is served with lotus root and asparagus in crunchy black pepper. Whether you’re a veggie lover or not? This one is sure to lift up your spirits and turn you into a believer.

Stir-fry lotus and asparagus in black peper sauce

Grilled Chilean seabass in honey. A chunky and meaty fish that is juicy and succulent. All original flavors retained within the dish and served with crispy fried lobster and steamed brocoli to balance both appearance and consistency.

Accompaning these stunning dishes is a bit of carb, Fried rice loaded with beautiful textures of dried scallop and crab meat. Judging the entire meal we are certain that Hakkasan believes that quality must definitely not diminish quantity and dishes out a meal fit for an emperor.


And then just when you think you’re done, expect to be asked if you’re ready for dessert. And when you say yes, you sure be it! Cause what comes next will never be forgotten and will take you straight to heaven.

Golden Halo is a delicately and intricately plated sweet showstopper that brings together Soy caramel, banana delice, chocolate & peanuts in just one dish. It is what dreams are made of and what we can only assume heaven would look like. *Warning : it is all but too pretty to destroy and you may find yourself in a dilemma to skip it all together. We say muster up the courage and crack open the warm gooey chocolate lava trapped inside the hard shell golden fruit. We promise it will leave you with that classic Hakkasan experience that is in all completely and extremely satisfying.


Chinese New Year Menu is priced at 420 QR per person for sharing of 2 or more persons. The set dinner menu is available until the 22nd of February 2016. 

To all fellow bloggers, food lovers and readers…. Gong Hei Fat Choi ! Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year.

食飯! (sihk faahn) or Bon Apetite 😛 

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