Just ‘Wok’ it out

As the year almost came to a close one last disaster struck my christmas holiday plans and set me off in the direction going east. Unharmed though by this sudden change I vowed for it to not affect me and my festive feeling of being jolly.

A day later I had a lonely planet guide in hand and researched christmas in Bangkok. As I was sure to miss all the fun and festivities of being home and exchanging presents I decided to gift my self a bunch of skills while in Thailand. Skills particularly that involved being in the kitchen. Yes! that right I signed up to a cooking class and boy was that good!

After checking out a couple of schools online one hit that came up over and over again with great reviews was – Silom Thai Cooking School. The school caters to classes of a max of 9 people per class. At a time there are around 5 different classes given simultaneously and a total of 3 different timing to sign up to.

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We started with a meet and greet on the side of a street which was perfect coz we were put in the spot and in 2 minutes we had to break the ice with our fellow to be pro chefs 🙂 We then got handed over a basket and a bottle of water before we stepped into the bustling market Silom.

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Heres what I learnt and gained from this cooking course. I total of 5 dishes and an easy kilo before I walked out the school.

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Classes cost 1000 Baht for a day course and includes water lunch and a cook book to take along. Intensive courses are priced at 800 baht per day for classes more than 3 days. 7th day which includes crab and fresh preps cost 1500 baht.

Morning Class : 9:00am – 1:00pm  (Includes market tour)
Afternoon Class : 1:40pm – 5:30pm  (Includes market tour)
Everning Class : 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm  (Priced at 800 baht and the market to  is brought to you)


My best dish of the day was a seafood Pad thai. Here’s what you need. Try this simple delicious recipe and let me know if was a hit or a miss!

Pad Thai Sai Kai


100 grams – Dried rice noodles (pre soaked in warm water until soft.

100 grams – Peeled and deveined prawns

2 tablespoons – Vegetable oil

1/8 cup – Spring onion or chives cut in 3cm pieces

1 tablespoon – Palm or brown sugar

2 teaspoons – Fish Sauce

1 egg

1/4 cup – Raw bean sprout or cabbage

1 tablespoon – Chopped garlic 

1/3 cup – Tofu 1 cm cubes

1 tablespoon – Pickled cabbage or radish

1/2 teaspoon ground dried red chili powder


Heat the oil over low heat, add garlic and fry until fragrant.

Add prawns, tofu,bean sprout, chives and stir until prawns are cooked.

Crack the egg straight into the wok and stir rapidly until scrambled.

Add noodles and season with fish sauce, palm sugar,ground roasted peanuts, found dried red chilly powder tamarind paste and pickled white radish. Mix and keep frying.

Stir until the noodles become translucent and switch off the heat.

Serve with fresh vegetables. Top with grounded peanut and ground dried chilly powder.

Bon Apetite 😛

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