24hr Bangkok

Heavy traffic,street food, roadside shopping, massage therapy and more… all in a days work in Bangkok, Thailand – The land of smiles.

Bangkok’s one of those cities that has a quite a reputation. Mostly for the wrong reasons,many for the right. Its the many right that I am completly sold on and what brings me back to this unique city. As true as the saying is traveling is about the journey and not the destination it is an amalgamation of the two that make up perfect memories.


Flying out to Bangkok has got to be one of the easiest from Doha with Qatar Airways operating 4 flights daily to and fro. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself to some exquisite luxury at 40.000 ft then book yourself a Business Class ticket on QR to experience just that. I was lucky enough to fly on the airbus 380 an aircraft that is truly a class above than the rest up in the skies.

Premium Lounge :


Lounging with my fellow pax,making new friends but most importantly exchanging travel stories ✈️

What to do in: 

24 hrs is a short time in a busy city like Bangkok and hence the only way to beat traffic is be brave and get on a bike taxi to cut through killing traffic and save precious time. They are also really cheap and a bit of bargaining will help you save a few bucks. An alternative mode of transport would be the BHS metro that pretty much connects to all of the city.

Must see Markets 

Klongsan Market – A well kept local secret. Most Thai people shop and eat post work at this market. http://bit.ly/1lQ859T

Chatuchak Market – Weekend Market (One of the most famous and busiest markets in town. I promise there’s nothing you couldn’t find in this market. http://bit.ly/1kYTicI

Massage – Health Land Spa has got to be one of the best massage places in the city. I’ve been a regular customer over the past 10 years while visiting Bangkok and i’ve never had a thing to complain about ever. With several branches around town it is easy to find one closest to your hotel. See more on www.healthlandspa.com

Sites to visit

A trip to Erwin Shrine in the heart of the city is an absolute must while visiting this country that has its roots strongly embedded in Buddhism. I stopped by to pay my respects and pray for the souls of all those who lost their lives in a recent attack at this very same spot.


Traveling makes me realize how blessed and thankful I am for being able to witness the amazing sites and live my journey I’ve set for myself.

Join my QUEST and Mark your map.


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