Nozomi @ Marsa Malaz Keminpski,The Pearl

Nozomi, a dining choice ever so often for some of the world’s biggest celebrities is the newest of culinary destinations to have made its way to our very own D Town Doha.

Set in the cities most artistic of properties at Marsa Malaz Kempinski,The Pearl this new contemporary Japanese dining experience is exactly what the city’s frequent diners and food lovers have been craving for. Obviously then for the very same reason dining at Nozomi has been on our list of things to do since the day it opened its doors to Doha. Having enthusiastically agreed to review and list the restaurant our aim is to give our users a clear unbiased picture of this world renowned restaurant.

When entering the fabulously designed space of Nozomi expect to be hit with a quaint quietness of a Japanese setting. A live sushi station takes center stage with seating all around it. The theater set, audience in place, the show had already begun.

I hoped to be led closest to the drama and so I was. Just like that in no more 2 minutes as a happy customer I had my first box #Ambience checked off the list.

Moving on to the award wining food for which we’d made the trip across town on a busy Thursday night, It was finally then time to screen the menu. Quite frankly I must say after aimlessly gazing through an extremely tempting menu, we decided to consult with the knowledgeable staff for some guidance and direction. We were told that all plating was sharing style and that definitely made it a bit easier as we were excited to get a taste of it all. Then, what followed past that conversation was simply more than spectacular.

Settling for some of Nozomi’s signature dishes these are the ones that danced their way to our hearts on a Thursday night.

Marinated Yellowtail Sashimi Served with jalapeño salsa and a chili ponzu dressing @86 QR. Mouth melting dish with a hint of chili was enough to kick start us instantaneously. Fish so fresh! It was hard to believe.


Rock Shrimp served with spicy mayonnaise @97 QR. I am not sure there’s anyone in this world apart from the poor ones cursed with seafood allergies of course who would not love this dynamite shrimp recipe that has made its way to almost all contemporary Asian restaurants around the world.

Sashimi – Cho Toro – Medium fatty belly @ 38QR / O Toro – Fatty belly @50QR / Sake – Salmon @25QR (price per piece). Fatty belly we were told are the love handles of a fish. No doubt then the dish came with tons of meaty rich love to drown in. The story of the small Japanese fish mungler that was narrated by the manager as we were served took us start back to early morning we once spent in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo. I’ll leave the story out of this review though, so you can hear it for your selves from the horse’s mouth!


Marinated Tuna Sashimi served with pickled shallots, garlic chips and a rich orange sesame ponzu sauce
 @ 80 QR. As good as the dish was, I wasn’t completely convinced of the overbearing acidity of the sauce. Tangy lovers could give it go though.


Unagi & Foie-Gras – Pan-fried Foie Gras marinated in den miso served with grilled Unagi and teriyaki sauce @ 94 QR. I wasn’t a very big fan dish either even though I love foie gras. The combination of Unagi and foie gras was a bit too much personally however I have to say the fig served on the side definitely helped break down the richness making it softer on the palate.


Kamo Salad Poached Duck breast salad with spring green spouts and yuzu koshu dressing @120 QR. Beautiful rich dish with fresh Japanese salad leaves quite a stunner this one.

Salmon Avocado Tartare served with Imperial black caviar and passion fruit @80 QR. Hands down the best tartare I’ve ever tasted. The acidity of passion fruit is so peculiar in this dish that I am quite sure it was one of the best dishes of the night and quite frankly from now I might have to always order my Tartare with passion fruit anywhere I go.


Kobe Beef from cattle raised in Hyogo Japan world’s greatest beef delicacy and served with wafu sauce @400 QR for 200 g. If you know your meat and love it then this needs no introduction or explanation. Flown in straight from Kobe there’s nothing that could be wrong with the dish than being over cooked which thank god was prepared with precision to a blushing, medium rare.


Chilean Sea-bass marinated in spicy miso and baked on cedar wood @190 QR. Lovely smoky fish that was firm enough to sit beautifully on the plate and yet moist enough to eat with just a fork.

Mushroom Takikomi – Goha – Rice cooked in a clay pot with Japanese mushrooms @74 QR. If you love mushrooms then this is the dish for you. A variety of mushrooms mixed with the rice made it creamy and yet subtly earthy.

For Dessert we got spoilt rotten with a dramatic foggy dessert boat that quite honestly I would be happy to sail on for the rest of life. From mango sorbet to chocolate lava cake to ice cream to fresh fruit you name it and it was on the boat. To add to it all it beautiful sugar peace cranes sat amongst the delectable desserts. Now if that’s not heavenly! What is?


Overall a definite 5/5. There wasn’t a single bad critique we could have after that spectacular night. What we most excited for in the near further is to dine on the soon to be functional terrace and of course for the place to be open for lunch and dinner.

Nozomi Lounge boasts of the finest and most exclusive of products from around the globe. The head bartender is absolute delight and pours out delicious drinks with a passion. I was particularly blown away by the ginger and herb mocktail that left me craving for more the next day. We absolutely enjoyed the night thanks to the DJ and a Saxophone player that battled it out we sipped away!

 IMG_4612 IMG_4614


Average cost of dinner for 2 (including a bottle of wine @ 350 QR + 2 signature cocktails + water) = 1500 QR

We were definitely got carried away and ordered more than we could chew! Click this link for full menu –

Bon Appetite!

Join my quest and mark your map!

QuestandMark X


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