Rodizio @ Crown Plaza Doha

I could think of a million things to do on a Sunday evening but when invited to a Brazillian churrascaria my stomach growled and I said Yes!

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A very excited me was the first to arrive at the table that was scattered with carnival masks putting me into a festive mode right away. As the table filled up to celebrate Brazilian Independence day I acquainted myself with fellow food bloggers some seasoned , some new. Then off course there were the serious print media people who sat listening intently making mental notes for feature stories. All of this though including some interesting controversial conversations over well mixed Caipirinhas from a bar that walked straight up to us got the table into our Mojo mode πŸ™‚


My initial intention even before I got there was to do a full 13 course Churrascaria meal but when handed over Rodizio’s brand new Γ  la carte menuΒ I was instantly sold on trying out its brand new additions.

Scanning through the well thought out menu I decided to go a bit off track and try the Grilled scallops served with rocket and cashew nut pesto, coconut rice and cassava puree (QR 105)Β as a starter even though it was listed under the mains. When served out I was quite happy I selected as a starter as the 5 tiny well seasoned and seared scallops were far from filling my stomach. The cassava puree didn’t quite blow me away though I have to say the pesto and scallop by it self was absolutely delicious.

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For main course which was a second main on the menu – I got the Australian Lamb Chops with soft polenta on the side and Argentinian Chimi Churi sauce (QR 130). The chops were cooked to absolute perfection just the way I like it – Medium Rare. My only concern about this dish was the plating. As the chops were gigantic in size, it pretty much took al the space on the plate. That along with the big bowl of polenta and a sauce dish with chimichuri left me in a dilemma of not being able to cut through my meat very well. *I would have liked the sides to be served as sides and not on the plate itself!

After 2 mains, a CaipirinhaΒ and a couple glasses of wine on the 1st working day of the week in the desert my body screamed out stop! and so I skipped dessert.


Overall experience was great with a more +’s than -‘s. What I love about the new menu apart from the design and beautiful fonts is that Rodizio now offers more that just the whole meat package. People with small appetites joining a few Spartan men for dinner which is usually my case πŸ™‚ can now enjoy a well balanced and smaller version of the meal. I have eaten the full versions a couple or times earlier and my most favorite meat cut is the Maminha. The grilled pineapple served at the end. Also try the little fried plantains and cheese bread thats absolutely divine πŸ™‚

  • You can choose to enjoy Brazil @ 145 QR with 6 cuts meat ( You cannot choose which meat though) Xpress Dinner option
  • Devour in it all @ 265 QR WITH 13 cuts meat including water and soft drinks πŸ˜› (With alcohol @ 350 QR)
  • Or just plain simple ala carte menu that has choices from soups to salads to fish to steaks.

Al of these come with unlimited open salad bar and includes a variety of desserts. The alcohol package includes unlimited wine and signature Brazilian cocktails and a 3 man band that will leave you grooving on you chair as you eat.

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FullSizeRender 19

*Bookings before 7 pm avail of a 50% discount on the full meal option.Β 

Special Brazilian week is on until the 13th of Sep 2015. Go meat out πŸ™‚


Bom Apetite !

Join my quest and mark your map!

QuestandMark X

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