London Calling

The only requisite for recovering from a summer holiday hangover is to jet set off on yet another. This time of the year though is what I call second spring, a time when all flowers turn into leaves and the world slowly starts to get covered in a cobblcrust of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Leaving the desert heat to eat the dust, this September I’m heading out on a pure British adventure. And just as one of Britians greatest albums of all time – London Calling! I am hell bent on adding some serious punk rock pieces to my travel essentials.

Traveling to Queens land  can be tricky when you’ve got to pack for all weather conditions and yet stay focused on getting that Autumn look right.

These are some my favorites that never fail to deliver no matter which way the wind decides to blow.

# A sleek Hat to help enjoy the wind in your face and keep hair out of your mouth.

# A leather Jacket to stay warm.

# An Umbrella to get you dancing in the rain without getting wet.

# Comfy Shoes for loads of uptown exploring.

# Beauty essentials to hydrate that holiday glowing skin and keep those lips plumed and polished.

# A shoulder Cross Body Bag small enough to hold a card and get you through that shopping spree

# Sun glasses for some shady business.

# A Watch for a quick time check and to stay on schedule.

Travel diary to document new memories.


Safe Travel!!!

QuestandMark X

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